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Thursday, September 06, 2012

I love smokey eyes. One of the best things about doing the smokey eye is that you can really make your eye bigger and the white part of the eyes whiter, hence making your eyes brighter.

Doing the smokey eye is easier than it actually looks. Don’t be intimidated by makeup application terms like contour or inverted V-shape. All you have to have on hand is a good cream eyeshadow, the same color of powder shadow as your cream shadow, a great mascara and black eye liner.

When it comes to cream eyeshadows (budget wise), I love using ELF’s Duo Eye Shadow Cream. With it only costing P129.75 a pot, I got all 6 duo shades that they had. One of my favorites is the shade Berry Mix. This is the shade that I used to create this smokey eye look.

One of the main problems in using cream shadows is that after wearing it for a while, it has the tendency to crease. So use an eye shadow primer like ELF’s eye lid primer, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, or whatever product works for you.

I love using shimmer shadow when doing the smokey eye because it’s not dated like matte shadow. This type of matte look is so 80’s so I like using shimmer. Plus, it looks more glam and chic… Not to mention, very sexy when your lids have a little bit of shine to it.

After applying and setting your primer, apply the darker shade of the duo from lash line to your crease (just below your brow bone) with your ring finger. I like using my ring finger when blending eye shadow because this finger applies the least pressure. Don’t put too much pressure when tugging and pulling your eye area skin because this skin is very thin, this can cause premature wrinkling.

After you have applied your base color, blend an eye shadow powder the same color as your cream on top of it and don’t forget to blend the edges with a clean brush. Apply the lighter shade on your brow bones to make them pop up giving your eyes appear more deep set. You don’t have to apply a powder shadow of the same shade on this area because there won’t be a reason for it to crease.

I like applying a dark brown or black shadow on the outer part of my eyes to make my eyes look wide-eyed. Line your lash lines with a black eyeliner making the line on your upper lash lines thicker so that you can smudge it so that you will achieve that smokey look.

Curl your lashes well and apply 2 coats of mascara. I love using Maybelline’s Magnum Volum Express. The formula is really black and it dries rather quickly. After I curled and applied mascara on my lashes, I put false eye lashes on the outer part of my eyes only so that it will have a little bit of cat-eye look. Press your lashes and false eye lashes together so that they will blend together well. Apply a 3rd coating of mascara. Don’t neglect your lower lash lines! They have hairs to! By applying mascara on them, your eyes will look even bigger.

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