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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Getting bored with your everyday makeup look? Explore and experiment with colored liners!

Colored liners are a fun way to brighten up your look! If you feel that black liners make you look “too dressy”, skip the blacks and browns and use colored ones.

My latest discovery, Nichido’s Color Intense Eyepencil in Deep Plum (which I used today when i went to do a shoot and on the photo) and Vivid Turquoise (P80.00).

Colored eyeliners (even black) can make your eye color lighter. My eyes are usually dark brown but applying liners make make my eyes look lighter and brighter. Well that, and a lot of mascara.

If you have natural colored eyes like green, blue, or gray, avoid matching liners as your eye color, this will wash your eye color out. Instead, use contrasting colors to make them pop out!

Just line your lash lines with the colored liner and use the sponge tip applicator to smudge the edges to avoid the obviously drawn line look. I smudged a little eyeshadow over the liner the same color as the pencil to make it softer, and not to mention, make it last longer.

Skip the black eye liner to avoid looking too made up. You can apply your black liquid liner or pencil at night if you plan to go out after work.

I was really surprised that Nichido came up with a pencil that is full of color and that glides on easily like kohl. Local brands are starting to get competitive with their products so no need to spend thousands on makeup anymore.

The liner stayed on the whole day, fading a little bit after about 7 hours of wear. Just before going out to dinner, I just smudged the same shadow I used that morning to revive the liner and it worked. No need to re-apply your liner! And, it’s smudge proof too!

I have yet to try other brands that are budget friendly for you makeup addicts out there. I just have to find the good ones worth buying and using.

ELF’s colored pencil didn’t really impress me. The pencil is too hard to blend and it hurts my eyes when I apply it because you have to run the pencil over your lash line several times to get the maximum color effect that you want. Only advantage? Is that its cover comes with a pencil sharpener.

Nichido has more colors. I think they have green which can look absolutely divine with that pastel coral lipstick I’m sure you already have!

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