Eyeshadow Sticks, Stick!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A friend of mine gave me a bunch of Fashion 21 stick eyeshadow/liner (P85.00 each) to try and do a how-to. I had a shoot today, and while I was putting my makeup on before I left, I recorded myself using the sticks for the how-to, and I will write the review after I got home tonight so I could test the makeup if it really stuck.

First, let me tell you about the product.

They actually have 11 shades available because I checked in their website, but my friend gave me 9 wearable ones. She told me that the others are close the other shades so having all of them would be like having double of some of the other colors.

Their website describes the product to be gentle and easy application, water-resistant, and trendy. So far, I do agree on the trendy part so the rest I have yet to try.

The packaging is nice. The pen is mechanical so you can screw the body of the pen to hide the tip and cover it so it wouldn't make a mess in your makeup kit incase the cap comes off. That is a plus for me.

Now comes the testing of the product:

I did color swatches on my arm and I was quite impressed with the shades. Color intensity is nice. The shades are true to its claim and it's shimmer/frost shadows.

Yes, it is gentle and glides on skin easily, and very easy to apply.

Color is intense when you don't smudge it, but when you do, it creates a very soft, very beautiful wash of color. This is all based on the arm test though... I still have yet to try it on my lids.

The other product that I received with the package my friend sent is Fashion 21's Double Up Mascara (P225.00). She said that she has been using the mascara and claims it was good. So she gave me a tube to try.

The packaging looks promising. Of course, I am again judging the product by it's packaging (Hahaha!) but let's see later after I have worn it as soon as I leave the house until I get home tonight.

The brush is similar to that of Define-A-Lash from Maybelline, but the entire brush tip is not flexible with the Fashion 21 wand. Formula wise? From the looks of the texture (without applying yet), it doesn't seem very thick and doesn't seem to be the type that clumps, but we'll see.

I started putting on my makeup at 1:00PM, and was out the door by 2:00PM.

MEANWHILE, 8 hours later...

We shot the whole day and I didn't get home until 10:00PM. I didn't retouch my eye makeup at all and this is how the eye makeup looked:

The eye shadow has faded a little bit, but it is still intact. The eye liner didn't budge, of course, a little faded too. The mascara how ever, I really didn't like. It weighed my lashes down as soon as I put them on this morning. Soon after curling, the mascara weighed the hair down and it straightened my lashes. Usually, mascaras like the ones from Maybelline (any formula), my lashes stays curled the whole day.

Fashion 21's Double Up mascara did have that lengthening ability, but it doesn't have the curling power.

What is your take on the Double Up mascara and have you tried the eyeshadow sticks yet? What do you guys think?

*Photo of Maybelline Define-a-Lash from Google Images

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  1. Did you put anything on your lids prior to applying the shadow sticks? I've always found that I have to seal it with a matching or closely matching powder just to get it to stay on my eye lid. I still tend to prefer my Elianto (which is no longer in the Philippines, boo!) eyeshadow sticks since it tends to stick to my lids better.

    1. Actually, I made a video using this product! You can view the video here: 2-Minute Eye Makeup with Eyeshadow Sticks ♥ Thanks so much for dropping by!

  2. Looks interesting! :) Been looking for this. I'm more into cream eyeshadows than powders :) And they're easier to apply.


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