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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello gorgeous!

FINALLY I get to write about my makeup haul at Fanny Serrano. I have been eyeing FS's new single eyeshadows for a while now, and last September 6, I bought 8 shades to try! I just HAD to buy them and give them a real test and review them for you girls looking to buy. Later on, I will be uploading a video on how to use them!

But first, a review of the products. The packaging is classy and chic. It's not one of those cheap looking plastic packaging, but these actually look PRO. As you can see on the left, you will see Bobbi Brown's Single Eyeshadow packaging. UNCANNY! I love it because it looks class. Yes... I am a sucker for nice packaging.

FS single eyeshadows weigh 4g each (minus the container), so that should last a while!

I love single eyeshadows because you can buy just one (duh!), with that being said, you don't have to waste the other colors you don't like in a palette or don't really need. I am a makeup artist in profession, and I myself sometimes waste a whole lot of makeup palettes because some of them I really can't use.

Now, let's go back to packaging. Bobbi Brown 4 Pan Palette on the left and FS on the right. I just love that. I have always loved Bobbi Brown's sleek packaging, and now you can find that in FS! Bobbi Brown has 3-Pans and 6-Pans, which would even be cooler if FS came out with those too!

Now, moving on the shades. I got 8 shades to start. I was only supposed to get 4 (seriously), but there were so much to choose from that you just can't find the best 4 to fit into your 4-Pan Palette.

The first batch I would like to show you are these colors:

These 4 shadows look dark on the pan, but are actually quite sheer. It's subtle enough to be used for the day I tell you that, but if you want a more intense color, you're going to have to layer it.

Texture is silky smooth and is not chalky which i love. The great thing about the product is that the color doesn't "fall off" when you layer it dry.

Blend-ability is perfect, it creates a smoky effect easily too! It's shimmer eye shadows but it does not look too greasy. It has just enough sheen to it.

PLUM ROSE: Good pigment! Just a little covers your lid. Start with a little product because this one tends to look black-ish.

MULBERRY WINE: I must say, this has got to be my favorite shade of the bunch. It's a beautiful shade of light mauve mixed with tiny tiny hints of gold. I just love how the shade changes depending on its angle.

MOCHA JAVA: This has a more satin finish than shimmer. It has a silky velvety finish that can be used for contouring the eyes. Perfect to use during the day! Just a wash of this beautiful nude color will look adorbs!

FROSTY CHIC: It has that same silky velvet finish as the mocha java, but this one is perfect for highlighting the brow bones to make them pop! This shade is perfect for highlighting those brow bones because it's not stark shimmer white that can look too 80s. This is on my A-list of re-purchasing.


TOTAL ECLIPSE: This little guy lives up to its name. Total Eclipse it is! It's a beautiful matte charcoal-esque eyeshadow that is easy to blend. But just like any other black eyeshadow, you have to take extra care in applying this to avoid shadow fallouts on the under eye area. Tip? Pat a layer of loose powder on your under eye area so you can easily "sweep" fallouts later on.

ENCHANTING LILAC: This shade looks more deep violet than it does lilac. It has tiny specks of bronze shimmer (kinda glittery), perfect for doing a real sultry eye.

TROPIC SEA: This shade is just beautiful! If you apply a sheer wash on your lids of this product, it will give your peepers a good lift and brightness! Just be careful with this color though, blue eyeshadow was very very popular back in the 80s!

GLAMOUR PEACH: This shade is more white than it is peach. It's too shimmer-y for my taste but it's perfect to use for highlighting! If you blend this very very well on the brow bones, cheekbones and chin for photo shoots, it would give your model's skin a dewy look.

This is how it looks when you put them in the palette. I just love how they easily "pop out" of the singles and it easily clicks and snaps secure on the palette! Remember those days when cosmetic companies used to use stickers or glues? Well, that's so done! I'm glad FS didn't scrimp on this one!

At the time I got my FS single shadows and palettes, they had a promo! For every purchase worth P700 in a single receipt, you get either a free lipgloss or a free blush. They only had one available shade for the blush so I got 2 different shades of gloss.

The freebie blush is gorgeous! It's not to be used alone otherwise you'll only look greasy. Best to have a base blush, and use this one to pop your apple cheeks.

It's a beautiful shade of pale pale pink that has a satin frost finish so best not to over use this. LOL. Excuse my unflattering nail polish. I haven't had the time to go to the nail spa to have my "me" time in a while.

Anyhoo. The lip gloss on the left is called "Light Henna" and the one on the right is "Light Coral" Before they gave me my freebies, I didn't know what TRUE LIGHT meant. I thought it was light wear, or super shiny gloss... But the truth was, it was all of the above. PLUS! It literally had a light inside the wand! AMAZING! And it's truly a girl's best friend since it has a tiny mirror glued to its side for retouching. NICE!

Overall, I would love to purchase these eyeshadows again and would highly recommend it! I haven't tried applying them wet yet, but I will on my next video. The only down side of this product is all the wasted cases it came with. Hope FS can offer a recycling promo for these!
Thank you very much for reading! Watch out for my video soon on YouTube! I will be using these products. See yah again, gorgeous!


Eyeshadow: P195/single
Empty 4-pan Palette: P225/pan

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  1. I actually really really like their eyeshadows. The packaging and everything else! But I need help on what colors to choose and finishes to look for. I don't like them shimmery, satin yes, matte definitely. Can you make a post about 4 colors that go well together like a a "dummies guide" :)) for everyday, dramatic, colorful, etc. :):P

    1. I understand about the eyeshadow finish. I don't like too much shimmer too :) Hmm... It would be tough to recommend eyeshadow shades right at the drop of a hat :) There are so many things to consider :) Let me know your eye color, hair color, skin tone and skin color :) Then I will be able to give you a good recommendation :) XOXO

  2. OMG! I don't know where on earth I have been! I just found out about your blog and I'm soooo in love! I share the same love for makeup and blogging. All topics are good reads! I will share your blogsite to my fellow makeup enthusiasts and the rest of my social network and I bet they will love you too!

    Stay pretty always! XOXO

    1. Awww... Thank you so much for your lovely words ♥ It's because of people like you that make me do what I do :) God bless and thank you for reading!

  3. Hi.. thanks for the review.. i like it. By the way can you recommend fs perfect shades for contouring face and nose? And your review? Thanks in advance.. more power!!

    1. Hello! Thank you very much for dropping by! Hmm... That's a good question! Are you fair? Medium? Or morena? :)


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