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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Hey gorgeous!

It’s been a while! Sorry I haven’t been able to post recently, the past few months was a bit crazy for me! Anyhoo, I have always love, love, loved false eyelashes. They open up the eyes and can give even the simplest makeup look look fab! I was going to attend a party last Thursday night and normally I would get a pair of lashes from Landmark (P44.95@) and use my undying Duo Lash Glue. But I was no where near Landmark (and my Duo was in my work kit at home) and I had to put on my makeup at my friend’s house. So I headed to Watson’s which was the closest drugstore I could go to and went in search for a decent substitute.

That’s when I saw Ardell’s stand. Countless lengths and styles, and I was in eyelash heaven. I have used Ardell’s before when they sponsored Rajo Laurel’s Gala a couple of years ago, we put them on the models and I just adored them!

They’re just a bit too pricey to be considered as disposable (to use for shoots and weddings) so Landmark lashes was a great alternative (made from natural real hair too!) It took my about 15 minutes to find the length and thickness I wanted and bought myself a pair.

I wanted lashes that could help thicken my natural lashes and would blend perfectly. I chose the most natural one (P350@). The hairs are strung together by an “invisible” band so that was a plus. So even if you don’t use an eyeliner to coverup the lash band, they would still look natural.

I was about to buy Aido’s lash glue (which some makeup artist friends of mine swear by, but I never had the chance to try), when I saw that Ardell had an adhesive! It’s called LashLite Adhesive and the glue itself is black (P350@). Although the name of the shade of the glue is “Dark”. I just loved it. Applying it was a little tricky though since it doesn’t come with a tiny brush or a narrow nozzle for you to apply on the lash band. I tried using cotton swabs but they were absorbing too much glue (what a waste!) so I used a plastic toothpick (unused of course!), the kinds you buy in the supermarket and dipped it in the bottle. It worked out great and didn’t waste anymore product.

Yes yes, I spent P700 for lashes but it was totally worth it! Normally I would suggest products that are budget friendly but I must say these products are worth it when you are in a splurging mood, or maybe to be used on special occasions like an anniversary maybe? Your wedding?

The lashes are washable and reusable so another plus for me. Truthfully, I will still stand by my choice of Natural Lashes at Landmark (P44.95@) for my brides. It looks very natural, and it's reasonable too.

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