Hit or Miss?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Let’s face it, there are benefits of buying luxury brands when it comes to lipsticks. Not all, but some local brands lack that extra ingredient that we pay premium for with big international brands therefore giving that “cracked” look when applied. There is no amount of scrubbing that you can do to your lips that will mask those cracks. Yes, it’s in the formula of your lipstick.

There are only 3 products I have tried that was able to fill in our lines to mask these cracks on my lips. But before I get in to those products, let me tell you about ELF’s Lip Primer & Plumper (P249.75). The primer is a concealer type formula that you apply on your lips that I wasn’t really fond of. It was too thick and was way too light, it was exactly like a concealer stick that you apply on your lips. When I applied the lip color on top of my lips, I had to reapply the lipstick several layers to try and erase the “lip concealer” off and made my lips peel making the cracks more visible. I then smoothed on the plumper on top of my lipstick and it didn’t do much either. It smelled like cinnamon which is the only thing I liked about this product. I left the concoction on for about 10minutes but it didn’t have that tingly feeling on my lips for that “plumping” effect. But if you use it alone, it does that tingly thing for about a 30 seconds and then disappears. So, to no success, this product is a total MISS.

Now let me tell you about the 3 products that worked for me best! 

3. PETROLEUM JELLY: this product never fails to keep my lips and my clients lips moisturized to the extreme! This formula is all natural and it’s affordable too. What I do is to apply a generous amount of it every night as well before bed time so that my lips are well moisturized the next day. Apply a thin layer before applying your makeup and blot excess before applying your lipstick.

2. CARMEX: I love that this product has that minty feel on the lips and smells good too! It’s waxy consistency fills in the cracks on your lips leaving it a smooth canvas for your lipstick. This product is used for extremely dry or cold climates so it moisturized like crazy and prevents your lips from chapping!

1. LANCÔME’S L’ABSOLU ROUGE LA BASE: Now this tops my list. The formula is just amazing just like it’s face primer LA BASE PRO that provides an extremely smooth canvas for your makeup and the one for the lips works just as well. Yes, Lancôme may be pricey but these are the products that I know works wonders. It comes in a tube just like a lipstick so it’s mess free. No need to dip your finger in a jar to apply. This formula makes any lipstick glide on smoothly and appear seamless on your lips, no matter what product!

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