Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I got a new lipstick! But this time I didn’t have to buy it, one of my best friends, Malloi’s mom gave this to me.

The moment I opened the tube to look at the color, I instantly fell in love with it. It looks red on the tube but it actually has a more bluish undertone when you put it on your lips, giving it a very rich deep raspberry hue, hence the name, Stay Rasberry.

If you want a break from all the Lady Gaga hot pink lipsticks or the very very red ones, this color is a very sophisticated substitute.

When buying lipstick, one of the things I check for first is the smell. I don’t like perfumed ones because after wearing the lipstick long, you’ll get dizzy from the strong smell. But this Estēe Lauder lipstick has a very faint fruity smell. Incidentally smells like raspberry which I love!

I also love that you don’t need a lipstick base to apply it as it glides on like balm. It has intense color and doesn’t show the cracks on your lips. The color stays on amazingly well and long! Even after I drank and ate it stayed on and I didn’t have to reapply the entire night. This is from Estēe Lauder’s Double Wear Line, Stay-in-Place Lipstick.

2 thumbs up for this amazing product! Since this was given to me, I don’t know the price. I also know that my friend didn’t get this here so I’m not really sure if the brand here in the Philippines has this line.

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