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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

When I have less than 15 minutes to put my makeup on, I make sure that I apply an eyelid primer so that I can just apply a wash of color on my lids and not worry about it creasing if I don’t set it properly.

I am a fan of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion but it’s such a hassle getting them on EBay and waiting several days for it to arrive from NY. Not to mention, it costs $22.00 including shipping (P968) just to get the smallest tube.

I figured there must be another fantastic primer out there that is easily accessible just in case I can’t get my hands on Urban Decay. First stop, ELF Cosmetics.

Just my luck would have it, I came across ELF’s Eyelid Primer. As you may now have noticed, ELF is always my first choice when looking for affordable, quality products. The reason why I like using these products is because most women who ask me about products are more interested in products that their money would go a long way without having to spend thousands to look good! And most of the products I use in my professional kit are tools that are too heavy, pricey, and difficult to use for everyday.

The first ELF eyelid primer I bought, tried and tested was the shade SHEER (the only shade they carried before). It’s very velvety to the touch, I love the feel of it when you spread the formula on your lids with your ring finger because it doesn’t feel heavy. It dries quickly so you have to spread it evenly fast. You only need a thin layer and you will still get the maximum effect!

I found that applying a base color on top of the primer like beige or nude will really make your eye makeup stick and pop! The eye makeup amazingly stays on and doesn’t grease or crease the entire day! The color does fade a little bit after long wear so I suggest spraying your lids with water with an atomizer (keeping it about 6 inches away from your face) after you are finished applying your eye makeup to set the eye shadow properly.

A few .08oz tubes of primers later, they came out with a 3-in-1 package deal called The Eyelid Primer Collection (P249.75) that includes the classic Nude, Pearl, and Champagne.

The nude primer is my most favorite. The Champagne Primer has iridescent particles that applies a bit darker on the lids that can be worn as eyeshadow alone. It’s not really dark, but it gives a pale grey-ish hue that looks nice during the day or at night. The Pearl Primer has bigger glitter particles that I’m not really fond of. You can use it on your brow bones to make them stand out. Applying it on your entire lid can make your lids look puffier and your eyes smaller so avoid doing so. You can make your eyes appear brighter though by applying a small amount on the inner corners of your eyes.

If I were you, I would go for the single eyelid primer in SHEER which you will be using more often the the other shades. Use every time you will be applying eye makeup. Apply after you set your foundation with a loose powder.

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