Lavender Dreams and a Green Mind

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Tonight was Kerastase's big Elixir Ultime launch at R Space. I will be blogging about it in MegaStyle so watch out for it!

Anyhoo, guests were required to wear either pink, violet, gold or green. I wore a green and violet off-shoulder romper, and of course, makeup and nails to boost:

I got a lot of compliments for my makeup look. Yes my dears, the eyeshadow I am wearing is from none other than Fanny Serrano. As I have mentioned in my previous FS single eyeshadow review post, I really love it's blendability, texture, and color intensity. Never mind that their selection doesn't include a whole lot of matte shades because the shimmer shadows are just FAB!

Eyeshadow color is Lavender Dream, and my nail polish is Green Minded from Caress.

Try it out ladies!

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  2. You look stunning on your makeup.. New follower here! =)

    1. Hi Carmella! Thank you for the follow :) Really enjoyed reading your blog :) I'm still craving for Army Navy because of you! Hahaha!


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