LOTD: Lissa's Wedding Day Look!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Already, I received almost 10 emails about my bride Lissa Exaltacion's makeup look after I posted her photo in my website last night when I got home from Bulacan to do her wedding. Women asking me what products I used to do her makeup.

Well, ladies! Here are the products I used:

FACE: Lissa has very oily skin. So I airbrushed Lissa's face with OCC's water-based airbrush foundation in Y1, and set it with Face to Face Color Corrective Powder in Yellow. Color correcting powders are ok as long as they are milled super fine as to not reflect on camera.

*tip: Use MAC's #224 tapered blending brush to smooth powder in the eye area to avoid caking.

EYES: For Lissa's eyebrows, I used Christian Semi Permanent eyebrow powder in Dark Brown mixed with Charcoal. Since Lissa's hair is not dyed and was more black than it is dark brown, I had to make her brows blend. Black eyebrows are too harsh.

*pro tip: Don't be afraid to mix colors and products! This is the only way you will find the perfect shade you are looking for. As for brushes? I used to use Fanny Serrano's slanted brow brush but then, I discovered that using a softer smaller brush will make a more precise and well blended brow! I now use Shu Uemura's 4F brush for the brows.

For Lissa's lids, I used Lancôme's Colour Design Eyeshadow in Kitten Heel blended with MAC eyeshadow in Rule and Sushi Flower. Softly blend together to create that nice soft coral color. Then I lined her eyes with MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack using a MAC precise liner brush #210.

*tip: apply with a smaller brush rather than with a big flat brush. Smaller brushes give precision on where you deposit color. Use a rounded fluffy eyeshadow blending brush like #217 or #224 from MAC. Lightly swirl your brush on the edges of your applied eye shadow to soften the edges.

CHEEKS: I defined Lissa's cheekbones with a matte bronzer. I didn't contour heavily though, I just brushed enough to give her cheeks and temples some color. I used MUD's Matte Bronzer in Sunshine. I dusted the apples of her cheeks with NARS' blush in Orgasm.

*tip: When bronzing your cheekbones, use a bronzer that is, #1 not to orange, and #2 is matte. This will give your face an instant lift, and depth on your cheeks when needed. Shimmer will only attract light making the area look protruding.

LIPS: Mixing lipstick is the perfect way to get shades that would look perfect on you. Has it happened to you, when you are putting on your favorite lipstick and suddenly wish if it were just a tad more pink? Or maybe orange? or a little bit on the blue side maybe? The only solution is for you to mix shades to get that perfect color! I mixed MAC Lipstick in Please Me with Prestige's Beautifully Buff.

*tip: Always use a spatula and a palette to mix foundations and other cream products. Stainless steel palettes and spatulas are easier to clean. By using a spatula to scoop out product from pots and tubes, you preserve the product, and you avoid transferring bacteria to it. It's just like avoiding double dipping your tortilla chips in the salsa! I use Cinema Secret's Stainless Steel Palette and Spatula from Proface Palette (www.proface.ph)

Thanks for the emails ladies! Keep 'em coming!

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