Organizing Your Makeup

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

“Ms. sabs, i carry with me a huge kikay kit in my bag everyday to work because im not sure when i may need them. But i am getting tired of carrying all these things because its heavy! How do i minimize the makeup i bring? Thanks ms. Sabs! -Janey Fabian”

I received 2 more similar emails today from girls asking how I keep my “kikay kit” to a minimum. The answer is, I keep the bulk of my makeup in my dresser.

I put my makeup on before leaving the house and I make sure that the makeup will last the whole day. The only things I bring in my “kikay kit” are blotting papers, lip balm, retouch powder, a few cotton swabs and a lipstick.

You don’t have to bring all the makeup you own in one big cosmetic case. Chances are of your blush or your eyeshadow disappearing during the day are very slim (well, that is if you set it properly), so just bring a few essentials. If you plan to go out at night after work, take with you a kohl eye liner pencil (since this is blendable you can easily create a smokey eye look) and maybe another shade of lipstick just enough to tweak your daytime look for the evening. If you must, bring a shimmery bronzer so that you may brush a few on your cheekbones for a little glam.

Leave you lash curlers, tweezers (really, would you really pluck your brows in your office desk?), eyeshadow quads, duos, your 10 blushes, liquid foundation, etc. at home. Buy a retouch powder that is not heavy so it won’t overlap you blush. Try blotting powder like the one from Elianto. It’s a compact translucent powder that is water-resistant so you can make sure that your foundation stays fresh without adding too much product which can make you cake.

To ensure that your makeup stays in place, use eye primers like ELF’s eyelid primer (P129.75) and apply your eyeshadow and your blush a little darker than you normally would and dust a light layer of loose powder over your makeup. Another tip that has worked for me over the years is dabbing water with my ring finger on my lids just after i have applied my eyeshadow. Just moisten your ring finger with water and dab, do not drag and wipe! This will keep your makeup in place. Then spritz your face with cold water in an atomizer and let air dry.

When retouching, use your blotters and PAT, do not wipe! You will only wipe off your makeup because you will be spreading oil all over your face. Use this same technique when blotting your face with powder. Just powder your T-Zone, and not your entire face.

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