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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pinch me, I’m dreaming!

Finally! The BB Cream I ordered from my cousin has arrived.

My cousin China was the one who made me try this and I just fell immediately in love with it. And it’s thru my cousin Cristalle who works at Tupperware where she discovered this product.

Unlike other BB Creams in the market today, this one is a tad darker and gets absorbed by the skin faster. Hence, making it more natural looking, and not scary stark white.

I used to use Maybelline’s BB Cream but after I’ve tried The Colour Collection’s rendition of the fabulous miracle cream, I rather found Maybelline’s too white. It does however blends on your skin a few hours later.

TCC (my shortcut for The Colour Collection)’s formula has the same consistency as any other BB Creams out there, and trust me, I’ve tried most brands who carry them. One of the amazing things about the BBC is that it’s a moisturizer, SPF, concealer, and foundation rolled into one. You can apply it directly on cleansed skin, but I found that it’s easier to apply BBC after a separate moisturizer.

TCC’s BBC hides imperfections and feels like airbrush on the skin, as I describe to my brides: airbrush is like second skin. It’s light-wearing and flawless but still natural looking.

You can wear it alone, or you can set the BBC with loose powder for a more polished look. I love brushing a thin layer of loose powder over it just so it doesn’t “slide off” during the day in this extremely humid and sticky weather.

I recommend just putting a half pea-size amount on your pointer finger and dab on your forehead, on both your cheeks, on the tip of your nose and on your chin. Spread and blend outwards towards your hairline and make sure that you have applied it evenly. Start with a thin layer and just add when you need more coverage.

You can order this amazing BBC from TCC online at http://www.tupperwarebrands.phor with your friendly neighborhood Tupperware Seller :)

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