Sexy Senoritas!

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Feeling a bit sultry?

I just love shades of lush berries, specially deep plums. Thanks to one of my best friends, Carla, gave me this OPI Señorita nail polish set which is just wonderful! I love that all the colors in the box are useable! Some sets include colors that you can’t use. Thanks Carla!

I French manicured my nails but instead of the traditional white tip, I used black nail polish from local brand Bobbie since the one from the box is a deep blue-gray one. And for my base, I used the luscious berry from the set called “No Spain No Gain”. I give myself a manicure because if I went to the salon as often as I changed nail polish, it would cost a fortune! All you need are the right tools!

I paired my new nail color with a lipgloss that was more or less in the same family of colors. It’s Shawill’s Water Smooth Lipgloss #10 (P118). It has a pearl finish that gives the color a pop! It’s a moisturizing lipgloss too so you don’t have to reapply every hour.

Keep your eyes bare if you would like to wear a bold and shiny lipgloss like this one as to keep your whole look balanced. Make sure that when you choose a blush, they have the same undertone. Blue for blue, red for red, orange for orange. So if you will be using a lip color like this one, you can’t be wearing an apricot or peach blush, and vise versa.

*As I always advise my clients, always test cosmetics on your inner arm for any allergic reactions before buying.

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