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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ever since our weather got colder (not colder colder... just cooler), my light moisturizer that I used for the duration of the summer wasn’t doing anything for me anymore. So I decided to go and buy me some USA made products to help with the dryness and breakouts I’ve been having lately.
I have been using these products ever since I was just 16 and have sworn by them (I have been obsessed with skincare ever since my mom handed me my first bottle of Olay). The thing is, these are just not readily available here so I have to wait for their call when they have it in stock. This time, it took them 4 months to ship, so I had to resort to other skin care products that sadly, for my skin type, didn’t do much good to improve.
POND’S ORIGINAL COLD CREME (P595): I just love this product! It removes makeup instantly without second applications. At night, just massage on your face and neck and wipe off. Splash your face with cold water, tone, and moisturize with
OLAY CLASSIC MOISTURIZING CREME (P820): this thick night cream really does its job in repairing and moisturizing skin over night.
During the day, I skip all cleansers and just wash my skin with cold water. I tone and apply OLAY COMPLETE-All Day UV Moisturizer with SPF (P720) under my makeup.
On days when I am breaking out and feeling a bit oilier than usual, I use Clearasil Daily Clear (P495). Try not to cleanse your face with soap or harsh facial washes everyday, only when you have worn makeup all day, or when you are breaking out to keep dirt away from your pimples.
If you want to try these products, look for ones that are made in the US. The ones from Thailand and China that I’ve tried have watery consistency (like they have been diluted) so it doesn’t really give the great results like the ones from the US.

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