The Contour Practice

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

CONTOURING. There’s a word most women fear when I put makeup on them. They think that contouring will make them look mannequin-like, and it's completely understandable. Contouring is actually very helpful when done right. This technique is specially important for women with no creases like me. It will give your eyes depth.

Let me tell you about the importance of contouring when done the right way. It can shape your face, or make your nose more “matangos”.

For me, I love contouring the cheekbones and the eyes. Not necessarily on me but I love doing it on my brides as well. For me, it gives my eyes depth, and make my cheekbones higher, hence, making my face elongated as opposed to being round.

Makeup sure that when you’re putting on makeup, that you look 3D rather than just slapping on the makeup on your face. The makeup contours don’t have to be dark and obvious like what they do in the theaters, by using a half shade darker of the product you are going to use like a bronzer or a matte eyeshadow, will be as natural looking as creating a subtle shadow.

Use a contouring eyeshadow brush or cheek brush that is angled. It creates the most natural looking contours. This angled brush is my favorite for my personal use. I found this angled brush in Landmark, which they now sell a wide variety of good pro-quality brushes at reasonable prices.

This "Jenny" short-handled angled blending brush has natural hair and it's great for contouring the creases. And the best part? It only costs P167!

PS. You like the kissme bangs on my forehead? LOL

Need more detailed eyeshadow application tips? Contact me :)

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