Very Foxy!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I changed my nail color again, this time I decided to take a break from the shades of reds and pinks and decided to go for a little more on the earthy, natural side.

I bought this polish last week. I figured that I will find the perfect time to wear it, the time was now.

The name of the polish is Foxy Brown from Caress (P22.75). I just love that it’s on the darker nude side. It’s wearable for both day and night. I found that it goes with every outfit too! It may have a little bit of a blue undertone making it look a little on the violet side, but it’s definitely more on the brownish nude.

It has a little bit of iridescence on it but it’s not exactly glittery which gives it a little bit of sexy shine.

The formula is a little bit more watery than Caronia which makes it easier to apply. However, it takes more applications (about 2-3 coats) to get the full effect of the polish. I don’t know, maybe putting nail polish on yourself is just harder than having nail specialists apply it for you.

Caronia and Bobbie nail polishes get really sticky as soon as you apply that first coating on your first finger. Maybe when air mixes with it, it immediately thickens leaving you with really thick glop on your nail forcing you to reapply leaving a big mess. Caress however remains it’s light consistency which is the same as the ones from OPI or Orly.

I think from now on, the next time I get new colors, I’ll get them from Caress. Unless the others have new colors that they don’t.

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