Vivid Charm

Thursday, September 06, 2012

No woman can own or wear too much lip gloss.

I love lip gloss as much as I do lipsticks. I think dull dry lips are boring and by wearing gloss on your lips gives your smackers a sexy shine making them look poutier than they actually are.

When choosing lip gloss, I love glosses that give that “I just ate lechon” look. Something I have grown to love when I was still with Lancôme Paris. I have always been obsessed with their Juicy Tubes that made the lips look really varnished. So sexy!

My Shu Uemura lip gloss ran out this morning so I was on a quest to find a more affordable lip gloss that gave the same effect, more or less.

Among all the department store brands in Landmark, Shawill Make-Up had the widest variety of lip glosses so I was most likely to find the best one from this brand. Among their 3 types of glosses, I found the one that had the best shine, wasn’t sticky, and the cutest packaging. Shawill Vivid Charm Color Feeling Lipgloss (P188/each).

I wanted a clear gloss that would go on top of any lipstick color. Their Vivid Charm No.4 looks bright pink from the bottle but actually applies clear. It’s shine and glitter is more subtle than No. 09 whose glitters are more obvious giving more sparkle! This one is my favorite.

The gloss glides on smoothly and it’s not sticky! On first application though, it has a strong perfumed fruity smell but disappears about 2 minutes later.

I wore the gloss while I did the groceries and the gloss lasted a long time long after I got home too! My lips felt moisturized the whole time I wore it and my lips looked juicy and pouty.

This one actually beats Revlon’s newest gloss when it comes to shine. If you don’t like glitter then this may not be the one for you. But I love glitter and glam so this gloss takes the cake! Vivid Charm looks good during the day, and looks even better at night!

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