Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Webcast

Monday, October 15, 2012

Last week was Bobbi Brown’s Live Webcast event and Megastyle was logged in to watch her talk about her new book “Pretty Powerful”.

Bobbi Brown talked about how makeup does not make women more confident, beautiful, and powerful, but how you perceive yourself as beautiful. “I do believe that a woman should realize that they have their own power to be beautiful”, Brown adds.

The webcast lasted an hour and her talk was more about self-confidence and self-love than how to make oneself pretty through the use makeup or her cosmetics line. It was definitely inspiring to hear someone in the cosmetics business and a world-renowned makeup artist who makes her living beautifying other people, NOT talk about makeup.

Brown also said, “Beautiful to me is confidence, it means being confident in who you are”, then adds, “beautiful does not mean looking like those women on the pictures of Vogue. Because a lot of those girls are not as beautiful as they photograph.”

When I logged in last night at the “media only” website, I was surprised to see how Bobbi Brown was dressed in very comfortable clothes and very minimal makeup. She was herself. I admired how comfortable she was in her own skin. For someone who was very big in the beauty industry, she didn’t put on the extra time to look like some of the celebrities and the models whose makeup she did, but she looked like herself, she looked confident, she looked beautiful.

I think that that was what her book entails. Be confident in yourself, and you will look beautiful no matter what you put on your face. You won’t be constantly be looking at the mirror checking your appearance and your makeup.

The interview took only 11 minutes where Bobbi talked about how she came up with the idea of her new book and what it was about, but answering questions from the media from all over the world took 45 minutes, including my own: “What is your take on whitening products?” Bobbi answers: “I don’t believe in whitening products, but I have created brightening products because I understand that women want to look brighter. I don’t like changing the color of people’s skin, I like brightening it and evening it out but I don’t want to bleach anyone’s skin.”

She also explains how she loves giving talks to young girls about confidence, and how to eat right and be healthy. Because this will also make someone feel confident when you are putting the right food into your body. Being healthy will reflect on the glow of your skin, and how you feel as a whole because you live healthy.

Bobbi Brown seems like someone who practices what they preach. I have several books that she has written in the past and she does talk about the same thing: eat right, how to apply natural makeup, be comfortable in your own skin, and just be yourself. She gives women fantastic makeup advise on how to look beautiful without changing yourself with the use of makeup, but how to feel beautiful inside and out.


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  1. I always marvel the works of bobbi brown. she uses makeup to enhance one's faces and not camouflage them till they are totally not recognizable. she is also one confident lady, always seen with minimal makeup.


    1. I totally agree! Her cosmetics ads are always so fresh looking and they look really raw, not mannequin like. Thanks for dropping by!


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