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Friday, October 12, 2012

Ok. I am not a mom... yet, nor will be one anytime soon. But when someone invited me to J&J's baby milk event, who can pass up the chance to experience a new product by a brand which I grew up to using up until now.

Johnson's products are a big part of keeping beautiful skin. If you are too young to use the "grown-up" skin care, Johnson's is the way to go. That's why it was important to me that I attended this event and share with you guys about this heaven-sent brand.

The event was held in the cosmetics department of SM Makati. The media, mommy bloggers, and consumers were invited to experience their improved Baby Milk formula.

Upon registering (different registration for press though), but consumers can get full access to the free hand massage, free yogurt, and a food demo, just by logging in your Facebook account right there and liking the Johnson's FB Page.

The glowing and beautiful host, Ria Trillo.

Celebrity Chef Rosebud Benitez giving a talk about how to snack healthy to keep a healthy body and skin.

"Spa" Area.

The relaxing smell of Johnson's baby milk lotion that they used for the massage.

Their media press kit is such a cutie! Their full-sized products rested on a nice cushion-y faux leather basket with a fluffy Johnson's face towel. Three important treats too! Coffee, Chocolates and Almonds! Yum!

Both JOHNSON’S Baby Milk Bath and Lotion with Nutrient Plus are enriched with Milk Proteins and Vitamins A & E.

As soon as I got home (thank goodness I was still able to take a photo of the products), I took the baby bath milk and used it! I just adored it! Seriously, I thought it was all television when they say that skin feels baby-smooth after using... But it does feel like that! I just love it!! Johnson's products just bring back childhood memories!

JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk Bath 200mL is priced at P76.25 and Lotion 200mL is priced at P125.00.  Available in all leading stores. Like Johnson’s Baby Philippines on Facebook for more information.

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  1. That's what my friends said when they first tried the milk bath!


    1. Your friends are right! Skin like a baby's behind! LOL :)

  2. J&J Baby Milk Bath completes my shower routine! HAHA!! All time favorite!:) I've been using it since college days, and yes it really gives a smooth and supple skin!:)


    1. I agree! And the smell is just so heavenly! Thanks for dropping by! XOXO ♥

  3. sounds very nice!

    X Jenny

  4. I believe my mom used the milk bath and she loooves it! ^_^ I used to use the milk bath too when I was in HS! ^_^



    1. Right? :) And remember the no-tears shampoo? The yellow bottled one? CLASSIC! LOL

  5. Hi Sabs, my son is still using J & J Baby wash kahit na he's a toddler na. thanks for sharing! The event looks fun :D

    1. It was super fun! I learned a lot :) Thanks for dropping by!

  6. My mom used this consistently for me until i went to college. But seeing this post makes me wanna use it again. :)

    1. I know what you mean! Lathering on the bath milk really felt like lathering on cream on your skin! Hahaha! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  7. Oooh, I love e milk bath so if this smells the same, I'm all for it! It's not greasy or feels thick on the skin, right?


    1. Hi Abi! No!! Not at all! So after you use it, feeling baby talaga! LOL ♥


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