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Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh gosh! Ever since peak season for weddings started, I didn't have time to sit down and post new stuff! I have literally boxes of new products right now and I still haven't gone through them! Ugh!

But anyway, this morning, I have time to write something before I have to leave for a shoot so here goes: Lash Extensions.

Truthfully, I don't like them on brides. It is my pet peeve when brides get them because first of all, when makeup gets on them, you can't clean them. You can't curl, apply mascara, or do anything! This opinion of mine comes from the makeup artist side of me. But I wanted to see from the personal side of me why women get so addicted with them.

Last Friday, I had some me-time after a shoot and I was in the Landmark area. I remember seeing my hairstylist friend, Tot, a few days before and saw her gorgeous natural looking lashes. She told me all about i-Lash and their awesome prices and I was really seduced to try them.

And so I did that day. The only iffy thing about getting them is having your eyes closed for an hour and 45 minutes, and could sometimes reach two hours which really bites. During the procedure, I have thought countless times about just opening my eyes and say "ayoko na!" but I endured it,

I wasn't able to take pics of the place nor of myself during the procedure (obviously) but I was able to take photos of myself after... and a few days after:

These photos are makeup-free me! So be kind, I take time off from wearing makeup as often as I possibly can :)

Right after the procedure. I asked the technician to take a photo of my newly installed lashes!

Of course, I asked my hubby to take a photo of me when I slept. Hahaha! Don't you just love 'em?

Open-eyes shot.

Side view.

I must say, I love 'em. They are not that high-maintenance as some people would say, they're actually doable and good for the eyes because you prevent touching your eye a lot which is always not a good thing because our hands are dirty.

Airing them to dry is not as bad as it sounds. I am so used to rubbing my eyes after showering but the lashes keep me from doing so which is sooooo bad for wrinkles! LOL

After a few days (yes, days), some of the lashes start to fall off even though I kept my hands away. I love that they are wash and wear and even with minimal makeup, you look absolutely FAB!

I still WOULD NOT recommend them for bride-to-bes because my opinion still stands that they are really hard to clean when makeup gets to them! Get them after you're married! Hahaha!

Click HERE to check out i-Lash's branches!

Would you or wouldn't you? Do tell!

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  1. wow! nice for you,you bear the uncomfortable lashes for few days sis.And yes your right about having the hands rubbing the eyes couple of times so all I can say is,two thumbs up used it after the wedding!!!^_^

    1. Aren't they nice? I love them but after a while they became more of an inconvenience because I was so conscious about rubbing them accidentally and they might fall off! But super I love how I look made up even with just powder!

  2. wow! so cute. I looove the lashes! :)

  3. you look great! does your natural lashes fall off with or without the extensions? I'm a bit scared about the falling of lashes but thanks to your personal experience, i might give it a try :D

    1. Hi! Hmm... As long as you don't constantly rub you eyes, your lashes should be fine. But of course, some of your real lashes may fall off because they do when it's time to grow a new set :) But if the technician who "installs" them is good, then the extensions won't stick to your real ones so they won't fall off with them :)

  4. With or without makeup, you're very beautiful and fab! You're skin is sooooo nice! I soooo wanna try this procedure but maybe when the day comes that I have to retire from modeling ( tagal pa siguro yan ) and after I walk down the aisle lol..

    The lashes looks great on you, it gave you that vavavoom Latina looking lashes! ^_^



    1. I don't recommend them for brides and models kasi makeup artists like using their own falsies, and they're really such a hassle to clean! Hehehe...


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