A Very Burberry Summer

Monday, March 11, 2013


It is rare that I find a perfume scent that suits me. I don't shop perfume by popularity, I shop by my personality. Out of all the perfumes that are out there in the market today, there are only a handful of perfumes that really complemented my personality.

Burberry Body Tender
When I think of Burbery Tender, I see spring. Mostly sunshine, flowers and clear blue skies. Hence, the art work above.

The only Burberry perfume I've ever had was Burberry Baby Touch (Blue), and I first learned of that through my baby niece who uses it, which was a gift. So I never really got to try any of their scents after that. I am a little biased too when it comes to choosing perfumes.

When Burberry invited me to the launch of Body Tender, I just had to go. I must say, I was so impressed with the smell. It was something I would have picked out of a bunch of perfume blotter card strips.

At the event, they showcased bottles of their new perfume in glass cases. They didn't have testers so I had no way in testing it for myself.

The beautiful ladies behind the luxurious brand.

Model, Cara Delevingne was later on revealed as Burberry Body Tender's image model.

THE SCENT: A transparent and sparkling interpretation of the original Burberry Body.

Top Notes: fresh surge of lemon, crisp apple and green absinth
Heart Notes: a delicate blend of light rose, white jasmine and sandalwood
Base Notes: a soft base of cashmeran, amber and musk

The best words to describe Body Tender are tenderness, eternal youth, serenity, ease and charisma. Depending on your nose's sensitivity, it smells mostly of lemons, apple, peach and absinthe. The core of the composition includes essences of rose, tea leaves, jasmine and sandalwood, all placed at the base of cashmere accords, vanilla, musk and amber.

Ok, enough of the technical terms. For me, I smell mostly fruits (peaches, apples and lemons) with a hint of roses. I love that it is wearable during the day. It doesn't stink up when it you sweat! I have been using Burberry Body Tender everyday ever since the launch when they gave me a 60ml bottle. THANK YOU BURBERRY!

Me and Max Ignacio of MEGA.
After they revealed the perfume and image model, they told us that the white ribbon that was tied to our wrists were misted with the perfume. It just smelled so fresh and very lively! Truly a perfect summer scent!

Available in all Burberry Boutiques and select major department stores:
Rustans, SM, Robinsons and Landmark.
  • 85ml: P4,898 
  • 60ml: P3,898 
  • 35ml: P2,898
Will set my other perfumes aside, I will be smelling of Burberry Body Tender this whole summer, and maybe long after summer ends!

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