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Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have been receiving a lot of emails lately about HD powders, so I got in touch with 2 brands that are offering HD powders (readers' requests), and make a very objective review based on what my readers want to know about them. I have done an unbiased review today of Krave Cosmeceuticals' HD Powder VS Snoe's Poudre Phenomenon.

Since I already made a review on ELF's HD powder (you can find it HERE), I will focus on Krave and Snoe in this post. I stand by my results and review on ELF's HD Powder.

Here are the results. Dun dun dun... (click image for larger view):

*PACKAGING/WARNING LABELS (Updated March 27, 2013): 

KRAVE: None (no tamper proof seal, in spite of all USDA approved products require a warning label on packaging)
SNOE: Yes (tamper proof sealed, provides warning label as per USDA and FDA)
ELF: Yes (no tamper proof seal, provides warning label as per USDA)

Here are some photos:

I used my phone camera flash because it makes the most contained bright flash, most used cameras now a days. I applied Krave under the BB cream, while I used Snoe to set my BB cream.



Now for the finger test. I dipped my middle finger in each powder (once only, same pressure), and swiped it on the back of my other hand. I used flash in this photo:

Both powders were applied according to the instructions indicated on their respective packaging, and both are exposed to the same weather conditions and lighting. Yes, I went to mass and went to the grocery wearing the 2 powders on either side of my face to test drive it.

After a few hours (4 hours to be exact) of wear, Krave's HD powder began to feel a little bit itchy, specially on the nose area and I began to oil. With Snoe's HD powder, no itchiness, and no shine (this still depends on each person's skin type, so do not base everything on this review).

Always test the products on your own. These reviews are just to give you an idea on the effects they did on my skin.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. very nice *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you for dropping by! I am a follower of your blog already! Glad to see you here ♥

  2. Snoe hands down will always win! ^_^ I can't live without Snoe Beauty Poudre Phenomenon and Poudre Extraordinaire! ^_^



    * I hope you will all subscribe to my beauty channel ^_^

    1. Glad you liked my review sweetie! I'll see you soon ok! HUGS!

  3. Very nice post! interesting!


  4. Such a great post! A lot of nice informations! : )

  5. i already following you, babyyy =)
    since yesterday !!
    you are very sweet & nice..
    hope we can be friend and inspire each other !


  6. Love your fresh and stylish blog.:D


  7. Wow thanks for sharing this. Is HD powder in general fine for medium skin tone? I also wonder if these can do well this summer under the heat. I find your review very helpful and you are brave to do errands with two types of powder on your face! =p

    Just followed you through Blog Lovin!


  8. Hi Raisa! Well, I personally don't use HD powders, but a lot of people use them alone or as a translucent powder to set their foundations. The HD powder does absorb oil so it's best for summer because you won't "shine" on the T-Zone. But in my personal opinion, I think HD powders have to be used sparsely around your face. Concentrate on the areas that you need oil control the most. :) Thank you so much for the follow! I will check out your blog and follow you too! HUGS!

  9. just read your post, there's a big difference on the application my dear, i think u should've applied it both on the same pattern, u applied Krave HD under the bb cream? u did not even put the hd again as finishing, natural iba mgging effect nun compare sa snoe na inilagay mo under bb cream. that's different dear. this blog looks like a biased.

    1. I think she applied Krave under the BB cream because Krave says their HD powder can be used as a primer, and primers are applied before your makeup base.. that's why she applied it under. And she used Snoe like normally..

    2. Hi Stella! You're right, I just followed the instructions that is printed on the box :)

  10. I'm sorry. But isn't it in instruction to use the hd powder as primer, hence should be applied first? I think they wanted to pattern this same as Bare Escentuals to use it as primer first. Just sayin.

    Of course it will look biased when Snoe clearly showed better results. :)

    1. I couldn't have said it better Shen! I just used the product according to what they claimed in their respective packaging. If Krave claims it can be used as a primer then that's how I applied it. Snoe or ELF clearly stated in their packaging that it is a finishing powder, so I didn't use it as a primer :)

    2. to explain why the itchiness happened after 4 hours, the first ingredient you'll see is CALCIUM CARBONATE. Usually the first ingredient is the one the that has the highest percentage. What is Calcium Carbonate? its mainly black board chalk. Its what's used as well for paint, toothpaste ( that's why its never advisable to put toothpaste on a zit ). Majority of the reputable brands' main ingredient in their hd powders are either silica or talc because its safe for the skin. Calcium Carbonate is a preservative also that when used as a cosmetic grade ingredient, it shouldn't be the primary ingredient.

  11. great review... thanks for the unbiased experience and idea... ^_^

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by! I'm glad you think so! HUGS! ♥


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