Pastel Overload

Sunday, March 10, 2013

#beautylookoftheday #letsnailitsaturday

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry it took so long for me to post my weekly Sunday look. Today has just been one crazy day!

On nails: Bobbie Cocktail Hour Collection. On lips: Artdeco Dita von Teese Lipstick in Bon Bon

So, I felt like going pastel today because for some reason, humidity was at its highest today of all days when I had to go outdoors. So, wearing pastel colors will make me look fresh the whole day.

I love my newly painted gradient nails. I discovered Bobbie's gradient nail sets a few weeks ago but it was only this morning that I had time to sit down and finally do my nails.

Bobbie Nail Polish Cocktail Hour Collection in Pink Cadillac and Cool Blue Martini (PhP 79.75/set)
I don't know why they called it "Cocktail Hour" when the colors are so very summer-y and beach-y. But anyway, I love it however they want to call it.

Pink Cadillac
Cool Blue Martini
Don't worry too much about not being able to do this on yourself because it is as easy as 1-2-3. The box has instructions at the back, and the bottles are labeled on which one you should apply first so don't stress to much.

First, apply the first polish from your cuticle to the tips. You can double coat if you want to. That's what I did. It just took a little while to completely dry, but I had all morning so...

Step 2, apply the second polish from the middle of your nail to the tips. You should be able to see the gradation happening already. At this point, you'll start to feel excited too!

Lastly, apply the third polish on the tips of your nails. I love that this completes the whole look. They're like ombre nails but none of those sponge stippling methods. This is so easy to do!

So, there you have it! Very easy to do, and simple and fast nail art for you!

OH! For those of you who were wondering, on my lips is Artdeco's Dita von Teese's lipstick in Bon Bon. It was given to me from my cousin who lives in the US so I'm not sure if they have it here. Just ask the beauty associates at Beauty Bar for info!

Tell me, what was your look today? Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I love pink but I prefer the blue polish on this one :) hehehe.. thanks for dropping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it just gorgeous? I love it too! The formula is really so nice :)

  3. I love pastel colors :X

    1. Me too! Anything that's girly! Hehehe... Thanks for dropping by ♥

  4. I love your lipstick! Been dying to try that shade. :)

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

    1. It's a beautiful shade! Perfect for summer ♥

  5. What a neat idea! I never thought of gradient nails, so cool! Love the lipstick on you too :)

    Jen xx


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