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Saturday, March 30, 2013


My skin tone is yellow, but my cheeks are naturally red and gets even "redder" when I am feeling too hot or too cold. I am an avid BB cream user, and even with BB on my face, the red areas turn gray because the redness shines through the BB cream so it is not corrected, just covered.

I am doing an unbiased review on 2 color correcting bases here today (you know -those primers that come in green and purple?) that I have been using for a while now, and so that I can show you also what the purpose of these colored bases are and why they make a good base. Although it is not in their label, this is basically what a CC cream is.

I am more attracted to Almay's because of the packaging. That swirly thing is the actual product but the two of these have different effects and consistencies.

I don't like the fact that Tony Moly's Cats Wink Shiny Skin Base in Green (PhP 378.00) doesn't provide an english label. I am very OC about the ingredients on the cometics I use specially the ones I review and recommend, and Tony Moly doesn't provide that. I like packaging that isn't messy to use. Almay's pump is very convenient.

Both are very smooth after application, but Tony Moly's has a thick formula so don't expect it to glide on the surface of your skin, expect a little struggle -and can look rather white when you over do it. So make sure that you apply only on areas that you need correcting!

Almay corrects both redness and sallow skin so that is a plus. When you have tired skin, Almay brightens up the color of your skin. Tony Moly has 2 more correctors to choose from so you will have to buy according to what you want to correct.

Here are some photos of me with the correctors used alone:



Now here are photos of me wearing the correctors under a BB cream:



I use both corrective primers. Depends on what my skin looks like on a particular day! Both are very wearable in our climate too. I buy my Almay in the US because it's not yet available here in Manila. But I highly recommend it specially for Chinese women because their skin although fair and smooth, redness can be very visible, and the purple corrector can balance out the yellow tone. I love using Tony Moly on my Chinese clients! Remember, less is more because of the thick consistency, so be sure to apply a thin layer on areas you need it only.

Check out Tony Moly's page to find the nearest store near you: CLICK HERE.

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  1. These look great!! Especially the almay one. I followed you with bloglovin!

    1. Thank you! I am following you on BlogLovin' too!

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by! I like Tony Moly too, they have nice skin stuff! ♥

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