Fake That Dewy Skin!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I absolutely adore how Koreans have those beautiful supple dewy skin. Finally, I found a product that can achieve this look wonderfully.

I've read reviews online about TonyMoly's Aura Beam, and I immediately fell in love with it. I didn't have to do a whole lot of research because I have been looking for a product to achieve dewy skin without the shimmery products for a long time.

I made a video on how to use the Beam so I will concentrate on the packaging and the swatches.

The only thing I don't like about TonyMoly's packaging is that their products don't come with english instructions and ingredients. I just wish they would provide english pamphlets.

You only need half a pea-size of this product to cover your entire face, and even less to highlight just the areas you want. The narrow nozzle makes the flow of the product easier to control.

This is the Beam after it has set on my hand for 10 minutes. It doesn't feel sticky anymore but look at that gorgeous water-like shine.

Now this is a photo of the Beam mixed with BB cream. I love how the light shines through the BB cream and this will surely give you the beautiful dewy effect.

You can find the HOW-TO video HERE.

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  1. This looks really nice, I have been looking for a highlight without sparkle for a long time, will have to look into this one.

    Jac x0x


  2. marvellous, it seems...shining :D and nice pics :)


  3. very great post!
    thanks for sharing, dear =)

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    there's a giveaway open internationally right now ^^


  4. Wow nice! An alternative to the Etude House Volumer and similar products I guess? I use the volumer. Cool! :)

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  5. Hi,

    Do you think this is suitable for oily skin? :)



    1. Hi Ean! I think it is suitable for whatever skin type it's just a matter of how shiny you want to look. If you have oily skin, then just apply it on your cheekbones as a highlighter. This product is perfect for dry skin to be mixed with foundation or BB cream because it will make their skin look dewy. :)


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