Get Wide-Eyed: Nichido Lower Lash Falsies

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have always admired international celebrities who have long, lush, and LUSTful lashes, both upper and lower lashes. It's amazing how much their eyes stand out even with just a little wash of color and what seems like a whole tube of mascara. If you have chinky eyes, there are 2 products that you must have in your stash: A white eyeliner, and a whole lotta mascara.

Another solution if there is a shortage of lower lashes in your face: False lower lashes!

Nichido Cosmetics Tru Lashes for lower lashlines, PhP 130.00
Making your upper and lower lashes nice and long will instantly make your eyes look bigger because they open up the eyes. If you are not fond of eyelash extensions, then falsies is the way to go. They're very easy to apply, and you can remove them anytime you like!

I like the spacing of the hair and the length of these Nichido lashes, but I wish they didn't make it look like plastic. Using extra fine, 100% real human hair would have been better. But the upside is, they are very easy to control and install on your bottom lash lines.

They are a bit pricey for lashes that look synthetic. So I would still opt for using upper falsies that look 100% natural and trimming them and using them inverted for the lower lashlines. But it's too much effort so if you're determined, you can practice on that one!

Make your eyes look bigger by using white liners and falsies! Here's a HOW-TO video for you chinita girls our there! Enjoy!

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  1. Lovely eyes! Though I'd rather just have the falsies and not the lower lashes. I'm chinita hehe :)

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  2. Das sieht sehr cool aus :) Tolles Ergebnis


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