Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadows

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I was in SM MOA last Sunday and of course, one cannot go to SM and not visit the cosmetics department! It was jam-packed because SM was having a sale, but I braved the pushing and shoving, just so I can go around and check out the stuff that is not in SM Makati.

Lookie what I found!

Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadow Palettes, PhP 149.00 each

I love that the eyeshadows are affordable... VERY affordable. It comes with nice packaging too! It doesn't look flimsy and the palettes come with 2 sponge tip applicators and a tiny mirror where you can do quick touch ups!

The only thing I don't like about them is that the fact that it's made in China, but the sales girl said that the ingredients are made in France (aren't they all?), they said that the ingredients and formulas are from France and that they are just manufactured in China. It is then distributed in LA, California. But who knows? If you're one of those people who feel a bit iffy about stuff being made in China, then you might not like this.

Above is the palette I like to call the "BERRY PALETTE", it has 8 adorable berry shades and pigment is great!

They have nailed the shimmer shades down to a T, but the matte shades still lack pigment and creamy consistency. It's still a bit chalky and it doesn't have good staying power yet. But the shimmer shades I love.

Now this palette is what I like to call the "EARTH PALETTE". 8 gorgeous earth shades that is perfect for everyday wear!

The same goes with these, the matte shades still lack in pigment and they are very hard to pile on since they just fall off when you swipe more than once. But again, the shimmer shades are just lovely!

I love turquoise shades of anything, whether in makeup or in apparel. I think they suit any skin tone or color and that they can really brighten up any face!

Dare to try turquoise eyeshadows at work? 
Check out my how-to video to get the look!

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  1. Love your eye makeup here Sabs! :)

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  2. Loving the earth palette! It's a must have of every girl, I believe. :) Neutral shades for everyday look! :-bd. And I also love turquoise. ♥ You're right on how it can brighten up the face instantly! :D

    1. Turquoise shades really suits any skin color or tone that's why I love it! Thank you so much for dropping by! HUGS ♥

  3. can't believe it's just Php 149!! Awesome!!

    1. Me too! But I think that was a promo price! That's the what the sales lady said :)

  4. 149php for this palette wow checheck ko to sa sm north sana meron na i love the color of BERRY PALETTE

    1. They have more colors there to choose from! They have this palette that consists of primary colors. SO NICE ♥


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