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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Loose Powders is one of the products I can't live without. I have a whole range of loose powders and not one is the same. I was sent 2 loose powders and they have their own unique qualities that made me love them to bits!

The reason why I love loose powders is because you can control the amount of product you put on your face with a big fluffy powder brush. You can also apply a generous amount of loose powder on your under eye area before putting on your dark eyeshadows to catch fallout eyeshadow so they are easily swept away.

Loose powders give the illusion of glowing, young looking skin. Loose powders that are available today contain so much vitamins and minerals that not only set your foundations, but they moisturize your skin as well without the added shine.


Palgantong Theatrical Powder Face Powder in Original Beige, PhP 1,200
Back of packaging
This brand is made in Japan. I love the "theatrical" feel of the powder, a little bit circus like. Hehehe... I told ya, I am a sucker for good packaging.

Loose powders are meant to be kept on your dresser at home, but this baby makes it easy to take with you. Sure, it still takes up a lot of space in your vanity kit but that is just an option. The container has a mirror attached to it and a soft velour puff for quick touch ups.

Consistency wise, it's very very light and air-y. I love that it looks pinkish but adjusts to yellow skin toned women -like me. This one doesn't have smell which is good. There are so little loose powders in the market that have a scent that I can tolerate, or like. This powder is best used when you are using a thicker foundation for full coverage, or liquid foundations that are very creamy and heavy. This very light powder will set that foundation without you looking over done, and won't make you cake (sorry, I really despise looking cake-y)!

I love that this powder is very light that even with the almost-white shade, it still registers well on flash photography. Even with the light reflecting properties.

SHADES THEY OFFER: Light Beige is for fair to fairly light skin tones Original Beige is for light skin tones Beige Ochre is for medium to darker skin tones. (Taken from http://multiply.com/beautyandminerals)

POWER INGREDIENT: Ceramin -The key ingredient of Palgantong Theatrical Powder is Ceramin from UK, in which the particles are half the size of other particles commonly used for loose powders. It reflects light, evens out the texture and skin tone, and still makes your makeup look natural and effortless. Truly a wonder product

The second powder that was given to me, is SNOE.

Snoe Cosmetics Poudre Extraordinaire in Vanilla Creme, PhP 799.00
Back of packaging
Proudly made in the Philippines but it's comparable to that of Nars. I also love the girly packaging and I love pink!

It comes with a fluffy puff to powder your nose with which is just useful as it is adorable! This powder is best kept at home same goes with all loose powder so you won't make a mess and waste product (I am all about saving as much product as possible).

The consistency of this powder soft and smooth but has a medium coverage, and can go to full coverage when you layer it on. Best to use with light coverage foundations, tinted moisturizers or BB creams. I love that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, and flawless even with the very sheer foundation! You can actually just conceal your imperfections and use this powder all over your face.

Finally, a powder with a smell that smells yummy. I don't like other perfumed products that  make me dizzy. This one smells fresh and of berries which is almost good enough to eat (but don't! Hahaha!)

After just a few uses, my skin has drastically improved it's texture. My skin is actually smoother and well hydrated.

SHADES THEY OFFER: Vanilla Creme Light, Perfect Beige Medium, Warm Honey Deep (taken from snoebeauty.com)

POWER INGREDIENT: The Key Ingredient in Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire is Acai Berry -the most powerful and nutritious fruit in the world, which contains the highest level of antioxidants that will protect skin from free radicals, tighten, smoothen wrinkles and improve over all skin health.

Still can't find that perfect shade that is somewhere in between? Customize your own loose powder! Click HERE for a tutorial.

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  1. I love moisturizing loose powders the most for setting my foundation/bb cream. I used to hate how older powders immediately caked up my liquid base makeup or emphasized dry areas like crazy, even if I applied it very lightly!

    I've been interested in getting the Palgantong powder for a while now, especially since I see it in Rockwell!

    ~ http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/

    1. You should try the Palgantong powder if one of your main concerns is caking :) Specially the high heat and humidity this summer :) Just give your foundation to get absorbed by your skin for about 6-8 minutes before setting with loose powder :) Thank you for dropping by!

    2. Thanks for the recommendation! It'll be the next loose powder I grab for sure. I'm currently using Krave's Visibly Rosy mineral veil which I recommend also :) It also doesn't cake, no matter how much I put on! Here's my review on it if you want to check it out: http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-misty-pritz-and-visibly-rosy.html

      Thanks again. x

    3. Thank you for the comment! Yes, these powders are one of the best in my list :) It's actually the powders I use on my clients now :) Thank you so much for dropping by! Kisses XOXO ♥

  2. I've been hearing a lot of good things about the Snoe powder! It's nice that it's cheap but it works. Philippine made pa! I think I'll try that one out after I buy the Ben Nye Banana Luxury powder!


    1. You should, Snoe has one of the best stuff behind the label. You can mix Ben Nye Banana Powder with your other loose powders so make them brighter of lighter :) Thank you for dropping by!

  3. I also have palgantong ms. Sabs and it really works well. Thanks for your review. I would surely re-purchase more of this after your review :-)

    1. You should give Snoe Powders a try too! I love using it on clients who just wants sheer foundation :) Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire gives coverage too which is just fantastic!

  4. I also love Snoe powder. I use it to top my bb cream :)

    1. It's perfect with BB cream! It leaves a very nice flawless finish ♥

  5. I have never use loose powder before but I might try it. Thanks for great information about it =^.^=

    1. You should :) Loose powders give a very flawless and buffed finish :)

  6. yaaay!! new blog post! missed reading your blog! ^_^



  7. Kapag na-apply mo na sa mukha, same feeling lang ng parang sa Snoe Poudre Phenomenon? :)
    And kaya ba naman nito yung pagiging oily? :) Planning to buy one but the price is too expensive for me :(


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