Oh My George! Eau de Toilette

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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OMG is probably one of the best local scents I have put my hands on, or rather, put my nose on! When it comes to spraying something on me, I am very picky.

The packaging and the ad caught my eye, truth be told. I wouldn't have tried it if not were for the uber girly, sexy, fun packaging! Yes, I am a girl who likes pink.

Bench Oh My George! Eau de Toilette 70ml, PhP 368.00
I was really surprised that I didn't have to take a second sniff on the perfume. I just grabbed a 70ml bottle and headed straight to the counter, paid, and left. I fell in-love with it immediately. It is sort of a dupe of Ralph Lauren's Big Pony RL Pink #2 (which is one of my favorite perfumes of all time by the way) but a very mild version that is more wearable during the day .

This scent has floral-fruity notes with a blend of berries. A very sensual scent for a fun and seductive woman... or on some days, girl? *wink*

The Verdict? MUST-HAVE. I just hope they will have this in their stores forever, because when I run out, I don't know what I would do.

Now let's talk about the ad. I love, love, LOVED Georgina Wilson's makeup in that ad so I decided to recreate the look for you guys! Beautiful browns and copper eyes and red, red lips! Perfect for that HOT date!

You can watch the get-the-look video by CLICKING HERE!

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  1. Infairness affordable siya Ms.Sab. I am kuripot that's why kuntento na ko sa tig 27 pesos na baby cologne Haha I used to have expensive perfumes nung nasa abroad pa si erpat but then, since you like it I will surely by one on payday! Hehe I love pink too, sometimes I buy things because of their packaging :) Nice makeup po.

    1. Packaging is an important deciding factor for me! Hahaha! I love the scent. It smells very "sosyal"! :) Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for dropping by! HUGS!

  2. I wantttt! As soon as get back to Phils, will head to bench kagad lol! I bought a limited ed edt from the store before, di na sya available ngayon :( gorg look ms. Sab! :D

    1. That's the only problem with limited edition scents... They eventually go away after a while and it's not like one can finish a whole bottle in just a few months. So sad :( That's why I have to really use this everyday so I can really make it "sulit" hahaha! Thank you for the comment! ♥

  3. Hmmmm since you like it, I'll check it out nex time when I go malling.


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