BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover (Updated May 14, 2013)

Friday, May 10, 2013

No, it's not a BB Cream Remover, it's a BB Cleanser. It's a Blemish Balm Cleanser that corrects skin imperfections with every use! BRTC Perfect Calming Cleanser is probably the #2 on my list of makeup removers/cleansers!

BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover 200ml, US$32.00 (PhP 1,312 more or less) with shipping
I bought this in eBay USA shipped all the way from Korea. It took about 6 weeks for it to be delivered to New York, and another 2 weeks from New York to Manila but it was WORTH THE WAIT! I had it shipped to a New York office address which my inlaws own, and from there it was shipped to Manila.

As I've mentioned before, I love foreign products that come with english instructions and BRTC made sure that it was easy to get to know and learn more about the product.

In the box, comes a little pamphlet with Korean, Chinese and English Translations.

I think for a 200ml bottle, the price is pretty reasonable. This 200ml bottle will last a few months because to cleanse one's skin, 1 full pump is too much for the entire face. So most probably half a pump will do.

I love the packaging, it's simple and it looks like a dermatological product. So pro! Their ingredients are patented which means no other cleansers can have that same ingredient in their products. Some high-tech stuff!

The liquid is a very thin gel-like consistency that makes it easy to control, it won't drip when you pump product to your fingers to massage on your skin. On the photo above, I applied blush on my hand and pumped the BB remover over it.

Even without water, it quickly lifts makeup from the skin forming a cream-like consistency. I love the smell too! It kind of reminds me of baby soap. I just can't place it, maybe Tender Care?. It washes away quickly with water, and there is no oily after-feel. You can use it alone, but I still follow it up with a mild foaming cleanser to make sure that all traces of makeup are removed. With regards to waterproof mascara, I still recommend using an eye makeup remover to "loosen" the product first.

The only downside is, it's not easily available here in Metro Manila yet. You'll have to purchase it online in their website: or in eBay USA which Korean vendors will show up in results. They have a few vendors in the USA but they're a little expensive, but you might get lucky if some of them have free shipping within the US.

I will definitely repurchase this, but maybe next time when it becomes available in the Philippines! I hope someone out there will carry this product soon!

UPDATE (MAY 14, 2013): After researching non-stop on where I could find BRTC products here in Manila, I found one heaven sent, lone supplier of BRTC! You can shop online here:

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  1. This sounds absolutely wonderful! Hopefully it'll be easier to get in the future!

  2. sounds great...I'd like to try it.

  3. Ohhh to bad it's not available here? *sigh*
    Will keep a close watch of that product. I need it :)

    Happy weekend Sabs! Keep in touch :)
    Oh and I just subscribed to your youtube channel too! :)

    ★♡ New Fashion Outfit Post and Review (^_^) ♡★
    ♥♥ Learn to Love ❤ Again with Edressy ✻✻✻
    Product Review post as well for nz

    ❤ ~Chai
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  4. Nice post! I'm going to check that out :)

    can we follow each other? :D

    The Red Shoes

  5. Hi Sabs, is it similar to the Cure aqua gel? :)

  6. Hi! Is this similar to the Cure aqua gel? :)

  7. hey there..i am currently using this product too wonder if you use it to remove up eye makeup too?


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