Colors of the World: Colour Collection Lipsticks

Monday, May 20, 2013

I am a loyal consumer of Tupperware's Colour Collection Cosmetics. They have a wide range of shades of lipsticks, and their foundations and powders are catered to Filipina skin. Colour Collection sent me their latest shades named after different tropical countries/beach destinations. I am just in-love with the collection! 7 fabulous shades that can be used whatever time of the year, day or night!

7 creamy and sheen shades that look very juicy! I love the finish because it's sheer enough to be used as a wash of color, or it can be layered for maximum vibrant color! Blot and re-apply for bold intensity!

Since it's very hot and humid these past few weeks, I keep all my lipsticks in the fridge. Seriously. All my lipsticks are turning so soft that they're very hard to apply because they break easily. So keep your lipsticks on the top  most shelf or on the sides of the door. These places are usually the warmest so you won't overly dry your lippies.

Here are the swatches of the 7 new shades! I only did 1 layer on my lips on all shades. Enjoy!

These lipsticks are very creamy, but it is not waxy or too balmy. It has the right consistency for the color to glide on like a balm. It doesn't bleed either so don't worry about it bleeding. Just make sure that you blot it and reapply so that you can get the full color!

If you would like to order, you can get in touch with them in their FB page: CLICK HERE

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  1. hm each dear? parang i like them all =)

    1. Hiyee! These lippies are sponsored by Colour Collection so I wouldn't know :( But I think it's between 200-300 :) Check out their FB page for more info or their website :)

  2. love pink colour ! :)

  3. wow really pigmented! they also have great range of colors! thanks for sharing this <3

  4. beautiful colors! The last one is my fave!

  5. great lipsticks! and affordable too!

  6. lovely lipstick..
    i love maldives the most

  7. love bali, fiji and maldives the most, but overall very sweet shades of lip colours!

    It will be awesome if you can check out my new inspiration post!

  8. Love the Bali, Ibiza and Tahiti! Very clever idea and very unique! ;)
    Followed you on gfc, please follow me back. :)


    1. Thank you for dropping by! I am following you back now :)

  9. I have one lipstick from this brand pero ung black packaging.. this one looks nice din. Mine was a matte pink it is a bit drying if I don't put lip balm first. I think it's kinda look like the maldives here. I love the nude lippies lately so I like the Bali one in here.

    1. Matte lipsticks are really drying so I hardly use my matte lipsticks too! ♥


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