EnCara BB Cream Perfect Cover Blemish Balm

Sunday, May 05, 2013

I have been a believer of the BB cream ever since they first hit the shelves in Manila. I think that it really is a miracle balm. They moisturize, protect, and correct. It's an all-in-one base that on-the-go gals can use when they're rushing in the morning!

For the longest time, I have been on the quest for the perfect BB cream that would suit my skin tone, color, and skin type. I don't believe that 1 BB cream suits all women (or men), I think that everyone should try different brands to find the perfect match they were meant to be with!

EnCara BB Cream Perfect Cover Blemish Balm, PhP 999.00
BB creams are really tricky to use because you have to match your skin with it properly otherwise you'll end up looking gray and dull. We don't want that right?

I'm not really sure how many shades this BB cream comes in, but this one matches my skin COLOR and TONE perfectly.

To be perfectly honest, I wish the packaging came with an English translation. Women are beginning to learn how to read labels now and looking at product ingredients now so a label in English is necessary.

So far I am liking the facade of the packaging! I love the whole disco-feel to the box. Groovy baby, Yeah!

Front view of product
Back view of product
I love products with safety seals. I feel confident that it hasn't been tested by anyone else, or returned for that matter!

It has a beautiful consistency that glides on the skin easily. It's not too runny or watery, neither is it too creamy and heavy either. It stays on the skin when you tilt your hand, but when you spread it, you can easily do so.

This is the product swatch spread on my skin, as you can see it blends so well with my skin tone. because of the yellow undertone it has, unlike most BB creams in the market now have pink undertones that's why some women look gray in BB creams.

When you look at my before and after photos, you can see that the redness of my cheeks were covered, and that most of my pimple scars too! The pores on my nose were also filled in making them look less visible. Although, if this product line did only come only in this shade, I don't think this particular shade will suit all skin color (consider the morenas). Tone? Asian skin, yes.

If I were to point out some factors I wish they would change about this product is: #1 the smell. I'm not so fond about products that are too fragrant (but then again, this is just me. It is a little too "mabango" (fragrant) for my taste, but it's not that bothersome. If smell doesn't bother you, then you'll love this product!

And #2, the finish. I am not so thrilled about the velvet-y matte finish, I prefer my base looking dewy. This BB cream gives a healthy looking velvet-matte finish that does not make your skin look dry. So that is always a likeable factor for some girls who don't like shiny skin.

Me? I personally LOVE dewy looking skin.

So if you're a gal on the go, this would be your best friend. After you have cleansed and toned, just apply this BB cream and let your skin absorb the product for about 5 minutes and you can start applying your makeup!

Overall Packaging:          3/5
Value for money:            5/5
Smell:                              3/5
Consistency:                   5/5
Blend-ability:                  5/5
Finish:                            2/5
Longevity of wear:         5/5
Repurchase?                   YES!
Will I recommend?         YES!

Always remember that these are my personal views of this product according to my particular skin type.  I have been using this product for the past 4 days so I am able to make a substantial review.

EnCara is available online at

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  1. I think that it makes your skin look really pretty! That's a shame about the smell though.

    1. Some people say that the smell doesn't bother them but I guess I just like my makeup to have less fragrance :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I love bb creams too! Before I started my own blog, I've tried more than 10 brands of bb cream na. If I only knew that I'll be a blogger back then sana I've documented my experience with them. Thanks for sharing this. I've been hearing good reviews on Encara too :) I also prefer Dewey Finish :)


    1. Sayang! I would have loved to have read your BB cream quest. Hehehe... Me too, I have tried so many already from Maybelline, to Colour Collection, to Garnier (London only, booooooo!), Almay (US only, double boooooo!), and lots more that are available locally... So hard to find the perfect one! This one matched my skin perfectly but I just like the dewy look, skin looks healthier :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Great review Sabs!
    I would want those not-too-fragrant as well.

    ★♡ New Beauty Review (^_^) ♡★
    Physiogel Hypoallergenic Cream & Cleanser
    Have you tried this? Is it good?

    ❤ ~Chai
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  4. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Thank you so much! I'll visit your blog right now :)

  5. Is this BB cream available on department stores? I really want to try it. :)
    Following you now on Facebook and GFC dear! Thank you so much for the support.

    xx, Mela

    1. As of now, I don't think they're in department stores :) But you can order in their FB page :) The link is on the last part of my post ♥

  6. I've tried several different bb creams, still haven't found one I liked. I have never heard of this brand before. Is this BB cream available online? Would you mind checking out my blog and maybe we could follow each other via bloglovin and facebook if you like?




    1. Hi! I'm an online seller and I carry this brand^^ If you're interested in trying it out, check out my page: http://facebook.com/tamsquaredv2!

  7. I haven't been able to try any BB cream but I'm curious though! Looks great and great review too!

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

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