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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Two of my favorite peeling gels go head to head! See for yourself which one is right for you. The KB brand is a local brand but is formulated in Japan, using Japanese technology. While CURE is a Japanese brand, manufactured and formulated in Japan.

KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel 100ml, PhP 1,200 / Cure Natural Aqua Gel 250ml, PhP 1,500
Let's start with KB. This is the first ever peeling gel that I owned. I have been having trouble with tough skin in my neck, elbows and my knees and I wanted to try a peeling gel because I read somewhere that scrubbing with a loofa will only make the skin tougher. So I headed out to SM and looked for peeling gels.

Mind you, this was 3 months ago, long before CURE hit the shelves.

I was skeptic at first. I had no idea peeling gels cost that much for such a small bottle. But it was a choice between KB and this other Japanese brand that I've never heard of before and that one was strongly perfumed (and it cost more), so I decided to go for KB to try.

Loaded with Vitamin C which basically makes skin lighter as you peel, I was sold. This brand has a lot of peeling capabilities and has a mild scent that I like. I use 2 pumps for my face, and 4 pumps for my neck area. 1 pump on each elbow, and 1 pump on each knee. I have combination skin so I use this twice a week. It's been more than 3 months and I still have a lot of product before I hit the bottom.

Now for CURE.

This is milder than KB, for some reason it doesn't peel as much as I want it to, but it does its job well. It's a lot more affordable, at PhP 1,500 for a 250ml, it's really worth your money. 1 pump is enough for my entire face, 1 pump for the neck area, and half a pump for each elbow, and the same with my knees.

The bottle isn't in english but when you buy it, it comes with a pamphlet in english (unfortunately I threw that one away). It has a gel consistency that is easy to control. I love using it at night before my skin care regimen.

Both brands have a gel like consistency, but Cure is a little bit more runny than KB. Cure has no fragrance too. On some days when I use Cure, I don't feel any skin in my fingers when I lather it in circular motions on my skin. KB has more active ingredients that really peels tough skin.

I love both products. I use them alternately and they have done a very good job for my face, neck, elbows and my knees. Skin is smoother, softer, and more even. It's really a matter of finding the right brand for you, and this post is to help you get started if you are in the market for peeling gels.

Don't worry, these products don't make you peel for days! When you apply on the skin and lightly rub the product on your skin in circular motions, dead tough skin peels away and stops when you wash your face.

What is your favorite peeling product? I want to know so I can try them too!

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  1. Wow thanks for the review Ms.Sabs..would love to try the cure..maybe this month.. but ur the 1st one to feature the KB... about Cure read so many post about their review.. love it more power to you!

    1. Thank you so much for reading :) For my skin type, KB peeled my skin more than Cure :) Hope this little info helps!

  2. Sabs, you seem to have read my mind once again! You've answered my questions without me having to ask them! LOL! I've been seeing this Cure gel everywhere and I remembered a similar exfoliating product being sold to me in Korea. I was a bit skeptical at the effectivity, because the saleslady seemed a little shady. LOL

    I also have some uneven areas in my skin that could use some help. So I'll probably give this a try. For dry skin like mine, would you recommend KB or Cure?

    twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

    1. Hi Abi! Thank you for reading! Here's the deal: Women with "normal" skin can get away with exfoliating once a week. If you tend to be very dry, or oily then you are best to exfoliate twice a week. This will help the skin regenerate, if you peel or exfoliate too often, you can strip your skin of important nutrients! It really depends which one you will be "hiyang", in my case I am hiyang with both brands. So if you are in the store, do a swipe test behind your ear and see if you have any reactions to the product :)

  3. I have learned about Cure through the YouTube beauty bloggers who have been raving about this product. I got a sample from Beauty Bar and have loved it so far. I have been told that there are cheaper alternatives to this that also gets the job done.

    I am curious about KB and this would be the first time I will be hearing about it. Where can this be purchased? You mentioned SM, but is it at the Supermarket, Department Store or Watson's?

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Anna! You can purchase KB in SM Cosmetics area, Watson's or in Mercury drug :) I am not sure about Landmark though I haven't tried looking for it there :)

  4. I never try that specific product,but it looks nice =) xX

  5. I'm afraid to try such products >.< Never tried really but hmmmm, seems really interesting! :)

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  6. I've seen KB in stores as well but never got the chance to buy it. I have a different peeling gel with me from Etude House. It has the same effect as KB. I really want to try Cure out. Anyway, thanks for sharing. ^^

  7. You should also try Glory of New York Skin Enzyme Peel! It's awesome! :)

    1. Ooooh! Really? Where do I get that? :) Sounds intriguing!

  8. Thanks for the review. Really an awesome blog. Which brand is good for pekas?

  9. Hi Sabs! Love your blog! I just want to ask where did you purchase both products? Hoping fir your response. Thank you!

    1. Hi Don! Thank you for the lovely compliment! I got the KB Peeling Gel in Watsons, and I got Cure from Beauty Bar! ♥


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