Fragrance: Lanvin's Jeanne Lanvin Couture

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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For years I would choose fragrances that were fruity and sweet, and I felt that I needed a new scent. In Landmark, I hopped from counter to counter brand but my taste kept steering back toward the same type. I was about to buy Juicy Couture's perfume when I took a chance at the Lanvin (pronounced as Lan-van) counter. This is their new fragrance, Jeanne Lanvin Couture.

Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture 100ml, PhP 4,798
It was love at first sniff. I just fell in love with this fragrance. This is probably the first floral fragrance that I fell in love with. Let's talk about the Top Note. For those of you who do not know what Top Notes are, this is the initial scent you smell when you first spray the fragrance. The Middle/Heart Notes is what the fragrance is mainly composed of, the one that lasts. And the Base Note is the tail end of the fragrance.

The Top notes of the perfume provide juicy berry accords and lavender flowers. The heart of the fragrance is very sexy composed of delicate flowers such as peony and magnolia essences from Laboratories Monique Rémy. The Base Note are Cedar accords mixed harmoniously with musk.

This definitely goes on the top shelf of my favorite fragrances not only for summer but all year round. It still smells sweet but of berries and delicate dainty flowers. Finally, a floral fragrance that is not composed of roses, jasmines, and freesias. This perfume is TOP NOTCH. Will most definitely re-purchase.

The fragrance is available as 30, 50 and 100ml EDP and has been on the market since April 2012.

The Verdict? LOVE IT!

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