Makeup for the Makeup-Phobe!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I have met so many women in the past (and I know they won't be the last) who would love to cover flaws and look flawless without the fuss of having to put too much makeup! Their fear of not knowing anything about makeup stops them from reaching out for that gorgeous lipstick at the makeup counter afraid that they will not look like themselves.

My friends, I have found the perfect makeup solution for you! Introducing, Perricone MD's No Concealer Concealer!

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer, Available in Rustan's Department Stores
With Dr. Perricone's No Makeup Makeup philosophy, combining skin care and makeup offering multi-tasking anti-aging products, women who have a fear of applying makeup has been made simple!

I can write about all the scientific stuff this product is made of from the dossier they sent me but I won't get into that. I will talk to you as simple as I can (in other words, in layman's term) how wonderful this product is.

Not really a mineral makeup, but they do not use harmful chemicals in their products -mostly food based nutrients that are added into the products.

Makeup-phobes, this product is very simple to use! You don't even need a concealer brush, but having one will help too so that it would be easier to spot conceal.

The pump is separate from the bottle which I personally prefer because I basically use a stainless steel spatula with all my makeup products. This avoids having to contaminate the product, making them extend their shelf life.

The No Concealer Concealer only comes in one shade, that is promised to suit most skin tones. But for most Filipinas who have morena skin, this might be a problem. You want to conceal the flaws and spots, not highlight them. So this may be the only negative thing about this line (No Makeup Makeup Line).

The consistency is pretty thick consistency which makes it easy to control. But when patted to "melt" into the skin, the concealer is not too cakey! It very much hides the spots well no matter the color of the unwanted spot.

Lucky for me too, it suits my skin tone and shade perfectly! -Oh and did I mention that the No Concealer Concealer erases wrinkles miraculously? I know!

So, I can go on and on about this but let me just show you how natural this No Concealer Concealer is! It doesn't take a PhD to apply too!
Spot conceal your spots with a concealer brush for a more precise application. After you have done that, use your ring or middle finger to blend the edges of your concealer until the coverage looks seamless. When you're done, lightly dust your face with a sheer powder or just a regular face powder to set the concealer in place.

Remember, if you are one of those women who are still afraid of ending up with too much makeup, just apply the concealer where you need it and go!

Perricone is available in Rustan's Department Stores.

So, are you brave enough to try makeup now? What do you think?

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  1. Can you please update your YouTube channel, pleaaaaseeee? :) I love your videos, especially the way you talk, it's very comforting. You're the only beauty guru whom I find very pleasing, comforting and warm. I love how the aura from your videos make it seem like you really want to teach us in a more casual sense rather than making a video for the heck of it. I'm glad you had time to blog too. Been waiting for awhile! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I promise I will update my video soon! I just have more time to blog now than make videos, but as soon as I receive enough video requests, I will make the time to film one ♥ Thank you for your request, I do love a great audience *wink*

  2. Replies
    1. Hiyee! I already asked the people behind the brand, I should be getting an answer from them anytime soon! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  3. Sooo lovely Ms. Sabs♥ I haven't find a good concealer for me.
    I bet I should have this one. I love the tag line "No Concealer Concealer".
    Hope I can also get a sample of this one.

    Loving it!♥

    1. Maybe you can ask for a sample at Perricone in Rustans? :) They usually have samples for this :)

  4. This looks very promising! I'm very comfortable with one-shade products so this is surely worth a try!

    1. Super promising! I love that it really blends into the skin and it doesn't have annoying, and stingy fumes that irritate my eyes! :)

  5. Wow, I need this in my life but based on the photo and the name of the brand it sounds quiet expensive. Do you think this will cover freckles? Thanks for sharing.

    1. It would be too thick to cover freckles. But why would you want to do that? :) Freckles are very endearing and youthful! I never cover up freckles ;)

  6. Love the coverage of this concealer. The packaging is also unusual. :) Would love to try this but I guess it's really expensive kase only available at Rustans. HAHA thanks for sharing Ms. Sabs! ♥

    1. Unfortunately, yes. Perricone MD is expensive but super great makeup and skin care! Maybe for those "I wanna go crazy!" days? :) Hahaha! Thank you for dropping by!

  7. ooh, I have seen this in Rustan but just not ready to try out as I think the price is just beyond my budget. After seeing this review, I think I'll go ahead and spurge one! lolz ^_~

    1. Hahaha! Splurging on a great makeup base or concealer is always a good move ;) Hihihi! You go girl! LOL


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