Pampering At Posh Nails Magallanes

Friday, August 09, 2013

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So, having your nails done is a one sure fire way of getting rid of BVs after a long hard day. I am always on the look out for great nail salons (not to mention, value for money places), and I haven't been to a new nail salon in a while since I always have my nails done at Bench\Fix. They're cheap, and their polishing techniques make the color last for a while for some reason.

Ok, here is the list of the services they offer:

They cover all the basics, and though their prices for a basic mani pedi is affordable, I feel they can still go a little bit lower.

I have yet to try their other services, but I guess a basic mani pedi is OK for now. Their waxing service is a bit pricey. I can't believe they charge 600 bucks for a wax on your arms that go only up to your elbows. Lay Bare does excellent waxing services and their full body waxing costs 1600, and underarms costs 120 bucks. So I would definitely not go here for a wax.

I am a sucker for photo contests. It was because of contests like these that I won an Instax, so I do love that they have such promos. Crossing my fingers so I'll win a free mani-pedi! LOL

Comfy Seating at Posh Nails
I love that their nail salon is cozy and yet very spacious. I don't like nail salons that squeeze you elbow to elbow with other clients like sardines. Temperature is OK, and the sofas and the throw pillows are soft that you won't mind spending the next couple of hours there while having your nails done.

Nail techies are cutely dressed too and the staff are pretty accommodating and nice. They don't do useless chatter while they do your nails which I like. -And oh! Did I mention the free iced tea?

Here's a shot of my good friend Carla and I. I love that we have a new found pamper date to catch up on gossip! 

My somewhat bloated feet are well dressed. LOL
Hmm... The finished product is very well deserved of an applause, but I do wish they offered local nail polishes as well. There are a lot of local brands now that offer a wide array of colors and the polish lasts for days, CHIP FREE!

I can't wait to feature more nail salons here in my blog in the future so stay tuned!

Overall Rating: 4/5 (I believe their waxing services can still be better!)

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