The British Invades Manila!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a late post. Sorry! I just wanted to post this so that I can keep these photos on file -I hope you stil enjoy this post even though it's a late one. But anyway, THEY'RE HERE! British cosmetics brand, Collection Cosmetics arrives (or should I say, arrived?) in Manila!

A hip and edgy makeup brand, Collection promotes individuality and encourages everyone to be their own person and enhance their personality with the use of Collection's wide variety of makeup colours.

Last June 19, the Rockwell Tent was transformed into a colourful London high street. British music and images that are distinctive of the UK added to the edgy atmosphere, like the iconic red phone booth, the Grenadier Guards, and the Union Jack.

Guests get to try the amazing Collection Cosmetics products that were on display! That's one of my makeup girls for Collection Cosmetics on the right (I'm a proud momma. LOL).

Excited guests (including me) anxiously anticipate what Collection has in stored for us!

So, without further ado, Collection Cosmetics!

Inspired by the makeup which she incorporated in her own signature ethereal fashion and elegant pastel chic, brand ambassador Camille Co led a display of the makeup brand’s versatility.

She was followed by Techno Aztec inspired Laureen Uy, who came with a distinctly hiphop vibe.

Actress Solenn Heusaff graced the stage next in sultry rocker style. Manila’s it-girl wowed the crowd in her haute and smokey makeup.

The fashion bloggers were absolutely stunning as their individual personalities were brought out and enhanced by their favorite cosmetics from their must have makeup brand - Collection.

With Mario Salvatori, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Donna Dewhurst, the Regional Brand Manager of Collection.

I will be reviewing products from Collection Cosmetics soon so please stay tuned! Have you tried their products yet?

* would like to thank Collection Cosmetics for the press photos.

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  1. I've never heard about this brand! excited to read your review Ms. Sabs :D

    1. Oh, you're gonna love it! I think they're coming to Makati soon! I will review their bases soon! ♥ Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I haven't tried their product because i think there are still no branch here in Cebu :( However, I'll be waiting for your review Ms Sabs! ♥

    1. Aww.. Don't worry! I'm sure they will put up branches in Cebu soon! They are really expanding ♥ Thank you for dropping by!

  3. i really loved solenn ms sabs, she's a real artist for me.. she can act, dance,sing and good at hosting.. she's a beautiful model and stylist also.. and what makes me like her most is she's so very good at makeup application!

    and last year she become my inspiration in doing my hubby's makeup on a pageant take a look ms sabs! pwede na ba? hihi


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