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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Welcome to the newest section of my blog, WOMAN IN CHARGE. I will be featuring different women taking charge and how they conquer the world wearing makeup! My first WOMAN IN CHARGE is:

Gorgeous Andrea Hardin, wife of Rich Hardin, is the ultimate sports nut. Even as a wife and mom to 1 year old Andre, her family spends most of their time outdoors playing sports or just plain old fun. Being out under the sun where she spends most of her time specially during Soccer Festival where a good game lasts from 8am to 4pm, and playing 2-3 games of ultimate Frisbee per day that lets you bake in UV rays from 8am to 5pm, “sun protection is crucial”, Andrea declares. 

On days she doesn’t have games on her schedule, she runs outdoors for an hour as her fitness regimen, 5 days a week. “I like looking good while I do my sports or when I exercise outdoors,” Andrea adds, “it’s important to look gorgeous because women tend to neglect makeup when they’re playing high intensity sports”. 

When asked what products she can’t live without, she proudly states that she tops VMV’s SPF 70 with a light waterproof foundation that matches the skin on her face perfectly to even out her skin tone, paired with a tinted lip balm with sun protection as well. “I skip the lip gloss because they tend to magnify the sun’s UVs increasing the risk of sun burned lips. Since my cheeks get pretty red while playing sports, I skip the cheek tints!” 

Andrea likes to waterproof everything. She applies eyebrow products to keep her brows well groomed and intact even when she sweats during sports, “gel/liquid eyebrow products does the job best during a game because they don’t run when I sweat buckets!” She then curls her lashes and applies clear mascara to hold them up emphasizing her beautiful eyes. 

Andrea says that it’s important for her to wear makeup during games because it increases her self-confidence and it makes her feel secure that when her photos are taken, she knows she will look great, “You not only feel good about yourself, but you will look pretty as well specially when receiving that trophy when you win!” 

SPF is at the top of Andrea’s list of beauty products when she shops. She always looks for products that is long lasting and gives the maximum protection her skin can benefit from. Making sure that she is protected from head to toe, even behind the ears.

But taking care of the skin after sun exposure is also important to Andrea. She lathers after-sun products with lots of aloe to cool and aid her skin in repairing at night. 

During games, one’s hair can get messy and unruly, so when asked how she keeps her hair looking put together during a game, “tying my hair in a ponytail is the only hairstyle I can sport during my activities, I invest in pretty hair accessories as well”, she wears color coordinated head bands and hair ties whilst making sure that her hair is out of her face.

“It’s just a matter of commitment to want to look beautiful during a game,” she concludes, “I want to look like a winner no matter the result of the game.” 

Watch out for the next WOMAN IN CHARGE next month!

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  1. Nice Post :)

    New Post Up: http://beauty-fulll.blogspot.com/2013/08/choies-my-new-shopping-destination.html

  2. Waterproof makeup products are really advisable if you're a sporty type of woman. If I were sporty (cos Im not haha) a must for me really is a good sunblock, minimal/no foundation, long-lasting eyebrow product(K-PALETTE!), cheek tints (Sophie Paris Magic Cream! such a cheap find but works reaaaally great. Only php25! and lip tints). Thanks for sharing Ms. Sabs! Oh and Andrea Hardin is indeed gorgeous!

    1. She's beautiful right? :) Thank you for your product recommendations! I'm sure a lot of people liked knowing that! HUGS!

    2. My bad, the Sophie Paris Magic cream is php85 lang pala. You're welcome Ms Sabs! :D


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