Events: Launch of K-Palette's Mega Cute

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Last September 7, renowned Japanese brand K-Palette launches the Mega Cute. A double lid eye makeup solution for Asian women who have monolids. Mega Cute is the D.I.Y. Double Eyelid!

K-Palette Mega Cute, PhP 695/each
The event was held at Geisha Restaurant in Taguig which was the perfect venue for the Japanese cosmetics, last September 7, 2013.

A D.EYE.Y. corner was set up, it was so much fun making my own press kit with Japanese Furoshiki -an artistic way of wrapping stuff with the use of fabrics.

Furoshiki Fabrics! Fun fun!

You get to choose how you want your press kit to be wrapped!

I chose the #2 design which is the large object wrap.

I was pretty intimidated but I was able to fold it successfully! Yay!

Domo Arigato! I did that all by myself. LOL

We were then directed to a table where we would paint this beautiful cherry blossom tree. So here we all are painting our very own wall art!

Not too shabby!

Here are the wonderful K-Palette products on the table as centrepieces. Try all you want!

Our host at the event was Aisaku Yokogawa.

Official distributor of K-Palette here in  Manila, Ms. Cheryl Chua.

Owner and creator of K-Palette, Mr. Eiji Kinoshita (hence the "K"-Palette). It was such an honor meeting him.

Japanese Makeup Artist, Rina Ogata with her demo model, Cathy Chia.

This cute girl is Mizuho Hakoyama. No that eye illustration on the packaging of K-Palette? Those are her eyes!

She shows us her funky eyeliner makeup look that according to her is big in Japan. I love this girl, she's so Kawaii!

And here's me with Rina and Mizuho.

I really had fun at the event! I learned so much about the monolid, and that there is now a solution for women who would love to have a double eyelid without the surgery! 

I love events that have so much interaction and guest involvement! I really enjoyed myself with my fellow bloggers so thank you K-Palette for having me!

Please check out my review on Mega Cute HERE.

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  1. it amuses me that the owner and creator of K-Palette is a guy! anyway, looks like a fun event indeed! :)

  2. i like these kind of events , looks like such a blast surrounded with make up YAY .

    *(Splash of colors , Splash of food )an outfit already posted on my blog come by and see it to get inspired more

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife


  3. awesome!! these events are always fun!

  4. Cool event! I wish they have it here too in Davao.
    I also like the idea of the funky eyeliner makeup look.
    so kawii! =)

    1. You can order online! Hehehe... Just go to BEAUTYBAR ONLINE and you can order :)

  5. ill snag one and play with hubby's lids hee hee chinito kasi.. pati sa mga sisters ko.. ako lang kasi naiiba ang lids sa father side ako nakamukha kaya happy na ko with my lids.. ung two younger sisters ko they will love this =)

  6. What a fun event. ♥ super cool activities! It shows that you super enjoyed the event. Good for you. =)


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