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Friday, September 20, 2013


I first discovered BRTC when I was searching for Korean skin care online about 2 years ago. That's when I came across BRTC, and have been hooked on their skin care ever since. A Korean brand that is available only online here in Metro Manila, but is all over Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

I'm thrilled to tell you about BRTC's Pore Tightening System: Closes large pores, controls sebum, and moisturizes skin for an overall healthy glow! Not to mention, erases wrinkles and firms the skin for instant lifting!

BRTC Overnight Pore Tightener Set, PhP 1,299
The Overnight Pore Tightener (the one in the pot) has 2 available sizes:

25ml - PhP 799
30ml - PhP 899

BRTC says:
"Overnight Pore Tightener doesn’t only use its Self Memory Gel technology to close large pores, but it also improves the look of lines and wrinkles, lifts sagging skin, and moisturizes all night long for a healthy glow! "

I agree. After only 3 nights of using this product, my skin did radiant a certain shine that is not exactly oily. My pores appear tighter (note that I said "appear" and not "feel"), and it felt really supple.

The only problem would be, that it didn't have enough English information that would inform me how to use each of the products. Yes, I found information online about the one in the pot but none on the one in the tube. 

BRTC Pore Tightening System claims:
  • Tannin Pore Complex ™ patented technology!
  • Uses Self Memory Gel to tighten skin for up to 7 hours!
  • Increases collagen productivity to close pores
  • Absorbs quickly and creates glowing skin
  • Moisturizes overnight to keep skin healthy
As you can see below, you can see a little bit of English instructions on how to use the product, but for which one? I was baffled. So I guess they are one in the same?

Directions: Cleanse, tone and moisturize (if you have dry skin) or go right to the Overnight Pore Tightener after toner if you have oily skin. Scoop a pea sized amount with the plastic spatula (included), apply to sections of face with large pores (or whole face) and blend in large circles with fingers.

I can't seem to find any information online regarding the one in the tube, but the one in the pot had interesting information online:

Amazing as a treatment or moisturizer! 

"Overnight Pore tightener should be used in the evening as the last skincare step in your routine. It can also be used in the morning as your daily moisturizer, to help contract your pores and fine lines all day long."

In my opinion, I think they are one in the same product because they have the same consistency, same moisturizing benefits, and made my pores invisible just after 3 nights of use.

It has a consistency of a gel, so it's easy to scoop out! When you apply it on your face, it has a water like effect, like your skin is wet!

I really love the consistency of the product because it reminds me of Lancome's Aqua Fusion moisturizer, one of my favorite moisturizers of all time. I think I will do a FACE-OFF comparison on the two soon, so stay tuned!

Main Ingredients
Tannin Pore ComplexPore contraction, sebum control
AdenosinePromotes elasticity
Water-soluble collagenProvides nutrition and tightens skin
Tocopheryl acetate Protects skin
NiacinamideBrightening, complexion improvement

Research Title: Overnight Pore Tightener - contraction effect on improving pores during assessment Test Method: Tested on 37-58 year old women with four main components evaluated
(Taken from the BRTC website)


  • Ultra moisturizing.
  • Pores really shrink up and tighten.
  • Has a very faint fragrance of fresh citrus.
  • Absorbs quickly, so you can put makeup under the product during the day.
  • Dual purpose! You can use as a treatment or a moisturizer.
  • Contracts wrinkles all throughout the day.
  • Affordable.
  • Non-greasy!
  • Allergy tested, skin irritation tested.
  • No English instructions or information pamphlets to explain how to use the product.
  • Available online only.
You can purchase BRTC products here:

My notes: I love this product! I love that my skin feels taught but not dry. When I put on my foundation, the pores on my nose it no longer that obvious which is just delightful! Would I buy it again? Most definitely.

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  1. I don't like greasy one. Too bad, its only available online. I rarely buy online products especially when I only want just one product. This product seems interesting :)

    1. I know... I wish they would open a store here, they have a lot of great skin care! I love this brand!

  2. Huwow another great poduct ... Im a little bit confused. Are they the same kaya?.

    I really need this one since i got the large pores. :( unfair lol...

    1. I know! Until now I don't know, I am waiting for their reply since I wrote them a letter na :) I will update this post once I receive a reply :) Thank you for dropping by ♥

    2. Hi mis sabs i dont know if this is helpful. nweiz i ordered to beauty cosmetics and asked her the same question and according to her they are the same daw. Packaging lang daw nabago... :)

    3. Oh cool!! Thanks so much for that! That was extremely helpful!! HUGS!!

    4. I am here again mis sabs.. Im using this pore tightening treatment now and i must say that what you have said is so true. After three nights of use i can see improvements on my pores. I hope this impression will last. I heard we should use this for four weeks. Four weeks treatment that is... Thnk you so much (insert my heart) . Because of you i was able to discover this great product... Hugs

    5. I think it's the same with all products... One must use them consistently for it to show positive and obvious results! You're welcome! I am happy I was able to inspire you! ♥

  3. I really love pore tightening product although I don't have much pores. I mean, I have. But it's not that visible.Love this product!It's the first time I discovered about this product. Fell in love ♥ wanna try ASAP =)

    1. It's a good product and brand! Hope you can try it soon! ♥

  4. greasy feeling = hate =( hahay ms sabs can you recommend moisturizers na hindi masyado heavy sa face? =(

  5. BRTC Overnight Pore Tightening Special Set is now available for Php 1,299.00 :)

  6. i bought the sane one, so you use them together or see them as the same product?

    1. I was told by the seller that it's one and the same, just different packaging :)


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