Physiogel Beauty Circle Event

Friday, September 06, 2013


Long before Physiogel made it big in the market, I was already using Physiogel on myself and my clients. I was prescribed by my derma to use Physiogel's Intense Cream for my rough, dry spots all over my face and voila! They were gone in under a week!

The ultimate skin care for men and women who have extremely sensitive skin! I love using the cleanser and the cream on my brides because I knew that it is very gentle that it would suit any skin type. I don't have to worry about allergies.

Equipped with the revolutionary Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology, which resembles the natural building blocks of the skin to effectively help repair the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss.

The beautiful Patty Laurel interviews Ms. Bernadette Arcilla, MD (Medical Affairs Director). She talks about how conventional moisturizers and lotions mask the skin's dryness to give the skin transitory moisture: Moisture that can be washed away by water!

GSK Product Manager, Em Millan talks about the different Physiogel products and their skin benefits!

Makeup Artist RB Chanco then talks about how Physiogel is a staple in her professional makeup kit. I love how thorough she was with her makeup demo, I learned so much from her! New makeup tips! Don't you just love learning from the pros? Even I as a professional makeup artist still love learning from other makeup artists.

Here is Ms. RB doing her model's (Veron) makeup.

I love how inspite of the full coverage of the makeup, her skin doesn't look dry at all! The skin looks fresh and very plump! The skin shines through the makeup which makes the skin look glowing and healthy.

The makeup looks so fresh and glowing. Don't you just love Physiogel? It can be used under makeup and it won't make your base cakey even when you apply powder on top.

The best thing is, Physiogel is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores! Love it!

Have you tried Physiogel yet? Share your experience with us!

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  1. I also like Physiogel. I discovered it from my mom! :)


  2. Hi Sabs! I saw you at the event! I really love your animal-print pants! <3 I was too shy to approach you though. :|
    Hope to see you again next time, and hopefully by then I can take a photo with you na :)

    1. Aww... Sayang! Sana you went up to me! Believe it or not, I'm shy too LOL Really, usually at events when I don't know anyone at the event I don't stay na, I just chit chat for a while and then I leave na :) Next time you should totally just call me! I am very bad with faces and names, and some people misconstrue is as me being masungit but really I'm just shy *wink* Hope to meet you soon! HUGS! ♥

  3. I'm so lucky to have my physiogel loot from a contest.
    I love their cleanser, para syang cetaphil :D which is really my favorite. Its the affordable version of cetaphil, i think.
    Too bad, I don't have their cream- I only got their intensive cream :)

    1. I use their cream for the day since it's a little bit lighter, and the intensive cream at night since it's heavier :) I love them both!

  4. I got the chance to try their moisturizer last 2011 its a freebie sachet i got from getting the oilatum bar soap.. its bit heavy on the face when applied.. or is it just me? i dont like the heavy feeling of moisturizer on face =( or dahil preggy lang ako that time??


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