Product Review: The Skin Shop Magic Science BB Cream

Monday, September 09, 2013


Just when you thought the BB cream was out, and CC cream is in -I come across this Magic Science BB Cream, allegedly claimed "revolutionary" by The Skin Shop's counter beauty associate. I'm a little bit sad that I was talked into buying something I don't really need, from a brand I have never really hear of before.

I have to admit that I am still stuck in the BB Cream era. I think it's one of the best cosmetic products ever invented specially for lazy gals like me. This blemish balm that has sunblock, moisturizer, foundation, and blemish corrector all in one product? AMAZING.

The Skin Shop Magic Science BB Cream (PhP 990.00)
Korean skincare and makeup has taken the Philippines by storm and yet some brands still don't provide an english list of ingredients. Huh. You would think, right?

The bottle is not your usual BB Cream container which I adore. It's very easy to store and to use. None of that messy squeeze tube bottles.

See what I mean about not having english labels? I do want to know what I am putting on my face.

The pump comes with a plastic seal that keeps the small hole germ free. At least that's what I think it does? After I use this product, I put the plastic seal back in the pump.

 The consistency is beautiful! It pumps out this smooth and silky cream that is not too runny nor is it too creamy that you tug on your skin just to be able to spread the product on your face.

When I spread it on my hand for swatching, I saw that the product seeps through the fine lines so it made the lines more visible instead of masking them.

This is me with absolutely no makeup on my face.

I applied the Magic Science BB Cream as I would any other BB Cream. A pea-sized amount of product is enough to cover the face. I like keeping the application light because not all BB Creams blend well with some skintones.

As you can see (the photo above and below), not all of my dark spots were concealed but the cream provided a bit of coverage. It's not sticky or heavy so the consistency is just right. The BB cream shade seems a bit light on me but it's not obvious under natural light.

I applied a thin layer of powder foundation on top of the BB cream to check the coverage and the feel of the entire base and it definitely works and blends well together. Although you can see on the tip of my nose that my pores are obvious. They seem larger for some reason which wasn't usually the case with just my powder foundation.

I took a photo of me with a camera phone and put on some flash and the result is just ghastly. I was actually afraid. LOL I guess I am not fair enough for his BB Cream! I thought that maybe towards the end of the day it would blend further with my skin but it didn't.

It's too bad too with this BB cream because the packaging and the consistency really impressed me. I really thought that I finally found a good BB Cream. To tell you the truth, BB Creams are so hard to come by because Koreans are naturally fairer than us Pinays. 

  • Great packaging. Not the usual squeeze tube.
  • Fragrance is minimal.
  • Great texture!
  • Non-oily, smooth and quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • Affordable.
  • Has the right amount of coverage.
  • Only has one shade, and not yellow-based.
  • Only available in SM Stores.
  • Appears greyish when applied on yellow-based skintone.
  • Looks too white under flash photography.
  • Sits stubbornly between fine lines and pores.
  • Makes pores appear larger.
This is not the end of my quest to find the perfect BB Cream! Let me know what the best BB Cream is for you, it may be the right one for me too!

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  1. Hi Ms. Sabs! Just noticed your new header and Im love it!

    The white cast on flash photography is really the downside of BB Creams. I've heard a lot of raves about the Encara BB cream but i think that you wont really appreciate its finish kase its kinda velvet-y and matte. as far as i know, you love dewy finish. Goodluck on your quest for the perfect BB Cream Ms. Sabs!

    1. I actually use Encara! I love it too but you're right, it is velvet-y but I love it nonetheless :) I just top it off with a mineral pearlized powder and I'm GTG! Hehehe... Thank you for noticing my new header by the way... I'm testing the feel of it out :) HUGS!

  2. very neat coverage.. i know i can achieve this kind of coverage.. practice pa hihi.. thanks ms sabs

    1. Amazing coverage indeed, but I didn't like the shade :(

    2. medyo mas light nga po sa skin nyo ms sabs

    3. It looks gray! LOL but I really liked the coverage :)

  3. Makes pores appear larger? Awww too bad. Looking forward to more BB cream findings. =)


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