Project Mega Cute: Bigger Eyes!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ok, the monolid. Enough said. A lot of Asian women have monolids and though I say it's the easiest to put makeup on, these women who have them say otherwise. I have purchased countless eyelid stickers for different clients in the past and they just don't work. I always resulted to contouring and smokey eyes.

But great news! K-Palette launches the MEGA CUTE DOUBLE EYELID! A product dedicated to women who have monolids and who aspire to have eyelids!

K-Palette Mega Cute Double Eyelid (PhP 695/each)

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The Mega Cute Double Eyelid line come in two types: Glue and Tape type. Let's start with the Glue Type:

They are pretty easy to spot. Pink for the Glue and Orange for the Tape. I like the packaging because it comes with English instructions (high five!), and they're pretty much easy to follow too! The glue type is peach scented by the way.

Both products come with their own individual wand. One end is the Y-shaped wand, and the other, I-shaped. The glue type comes with a narrow and thinner brush, like a liquid liner brush.

Although I must admit, it's pretty tricky to apply, even with the demo that was done in front of us during the bloggers' event last September 7 :) So I had to wing it, please bear with me.

I wiped my lids with a toner to get rid of dirt and oil (instructions said your lids have to be oil free and dry).

Use the Y-shaped wand to mark your lid where you want the fold to be. Then, Apply glue directly on that mark, let it dry until the glue becomes transparent. Use the Y-shaped wand to "tuck" the lid, look down first and then look up. Then remove the Y-wand. Then use the I-shaped wand to rearrange the fold a bit.

I love that my eyelid looked a bit bigger compared to the one without the Mega Cute. Don't you think?

Now, moving on to the TAPE TYPE (orange scented). At the event, Japanese Makeup Artist Rina Ogata, told us that the tape type is for women who are used to the glue type already, and for women who have folds, and don't really have monolids (like me).

Again, instructions that are very easy to follow!

It has a thicker brush to mimic a tape like application. You can layer the product on depending on how sticky you need it to be.

The instructions that were given to us says that we are supposed to use the Y-wand before glue, and the I-wand after glue. But I found this technique to work best for me. Use the Y-wand for before and after glue application.

So, after you mark your lid with the wand, apply the glue BELOW that line. The illustration on the packaging says to apply it until the lash lines, but this could make your lashes stick to your lid. I learned that one the hard way.

My lid looks a bit awkward because I couldn't tuck it in nicely anymore because the glue was too sticky, but I still did a pretty good job, don't you think? I like the glue type better. BUT! If you already have an eyelid fold, go for the tape type. That is what Rina suggested.

  • Makes your eyes look bigger
  • Affordable
  • Can be used before makeup, as a primer!
  • You have two types to choose from, depending on your needs.
  • Easily available.
  • Safe for the eyes and contains moisturizing ingredients.
  • Stays the whole day!
  • Washable with soap and water.
  • Takes some practice to get used to.
I hope you liked my review on the Mega Cute Double Eyelid Line. I personally liked using the glue type because it's easier to control and is pretty precise where to put the glue on your lid. It takes faster to dry too by the way.

You can find K-Palette in all Beauty Bar outlets. If you can't get to a Beauty Bar store asap, you can order online at!

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  1. i find it boring to see my hooded/monolid (however you call it) eyes looking back at me every time i face the mirror. changing or altering them would be nice (para maiba naman). i honestly envy those with double eyelids. i first knew of this technique from Michelle Phan but the idea of poking just above my eyeballs scared me so i didn't bother even trying it. i hope it wasn't as painful as it looks on the picture (for me at least). for how long did the double eyelid last Ms Sabs?
    we don't have K-Palette around here but i saw the same products from Saizen last weekend (both the glue and sticker-type). hmm, ma-try nga. but if this technique won't work on me, there's always eye makeup to turn to. ;-)

    1. Yes, try this technique kasi it won't hurt naman :) The ones in Saizen naman are usually good din, I bought a few stuff there before and they had positive results naman :) And yes, there is always makeup :) Hehehe.. Thank you for dropping by!

  2. I have semi-hooded lids and I need this in life! I recently won K-Palette's D. eye Y. giveaway and I hope they include these in my loot haha Btw nice review Ms. Sabs! I think you don't need this anymore coz you have wonderful eyes and visible lids already ♥♥

    1. Yah, I don't think I need it too but it's really awesome! I just wanna use it. Hahaha! :) I'm prayin' that the package you won has these! Good luck and have fun!! ♥

  3. I've seen this!! totally amazing!

    1. Right? :) I want to be really good at it that's why I keep practicing! ♥

  4. AHHH need. Hahaha! I've been meaning to try eyelid tapes. I have some here but can't apply them properly. haha I need more practice. This is my first time hearing about eyelid glue, though. BTW, how does it feel po when you blink? No inconvenience naman whatsoever? :)

  5. Ako rin monolid ate Sab. Tapos uneven pa yung eyelids ko. Haha. Haven't tried putting any stickers for my lids. Matry nga minsan, but I'll go for the cheap one from Saizen para practice muna. Kinda funny, now ko lang nalaman how to use that Y-wand. I have that wand (got it from giveaway) at ngayon ko lang narealize kung pano siya gamitin dahil sayo.

  6. My lids are one of my problem. I want to have nice lids. I've been eyeing this baby a long time. I found a tape version of this on Saizen. But I failed on putting it at first. Practice makes perfect, indeed =)


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