Sport the Double Wing Liner Using Bobbi Brown (Product Review and How To)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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One of the best things about gel eyeliners is that you can use any brush you want with them. Either use the obvious brush -the liner brush, or the angled liner brush (which I personally use), lip brush for thicker application (avant garde), etc. These gel liners truly are versatile.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, PhP 1,450
As you can see, I have used this liner several times and it still almost intact. I love that this liner can last you months without it ever expiring that quickly as compared to liquid liners.

Just make sure that you keep the pot's lid nice and tight so that you can avoid it from drying up!

Pro tip: If your gel liner does dry up, do this easy tip! DO NOT ADD WATER OR ANY TYPE OF OIL! Some people add water to try and moisten the liner but this will only ruin it, and although oil may be the most logical choice, but this will only make your liner too runny it won't stick to skin! 

Instead, place the pot in a zip lock bag and submerge it in very hot water. You can boil water and transfer the water in a bowl, but think twice before placing the eyeliner pot in the microwave! Some gel liner pots may have metal lids so this may cause the bottle to explode, or worse, the microwave itself! So, keep safe everyone!

Bobbi Brown's gel liner stays put even under warm running water.

I ran a finger back and forth several times to try and rub some of the liner off a bit but it stays put!


  • Long-lasting.
  • You can use any type of brush.
  • Won't rub off.
  • Non-oily.
  • Non-drying.
  • Perfect for creating the cat-eye look.
  • You can control the thickness of the line.
  • Very smooth and glides on easily you don't have to tug on your skin.
  • Not as convenient to carry around and re-apply towards the end of the day.
  • Takes a little practice to get used to it.
  • Cannot use on waterline unlike pencil eyeliners.
  • Dries rather quickly so mistakes have to be corrected ASAP!
  • It glides on smoothly so you need a steady hand to avoid making too much mistakes.

The eyeliner look that is taking the runways by storm: Double Wing Liner. Very "haute" this fall (pun intended LOL), it's very wearable during the day! Just pair with a very nude lippie as to not make your whole look too avant garde.
Runway photo of model from
The double liner photo above actually gives the illusion of a double lid, or making your eyes seem more deep-set than they actually are. I created my own version (a simpler one) of the double wing. Get the look in two easy steps!

1. Do a flip on your lower lash lines, as you would on your upper lash lines.

2. Draw a flip on your upper lash line making them nice and even in length.

And that's it! I like doing this double winged liner when I have nothing else on my face. I keep everything very minimal: BB Cream, very light dusting of loose powder, nude lipstick, and very little to no blush at all. Keep your whole look balanced by just keeping focus on one feature, either your eyes or your lips.

I like using the Bobbi Gel eyeliner because it's very smooth. It glides on smoothly on your skin and dries very quickly so you don't need to keep your eyes closed just to give it time to dry! I do recommend applying gel liner on powdered skin, so lightly dust your lids with powder if you are not using eyeshadow.

So, do you dare to wear this look? What do you think ladies?

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  1. parang cleopatra eyes lang ms sabs =) i can do this pero parang sa isang eyes lang for sure di magpapantay hehehe kaya more practice pa =)

    1. Yes, very much like Egyptian makeup :) Hehehe...

  2. will the hot water trick work on cream eye shadows ?

    1. Running the eyeliner under hot water is actually not a trick to make it stay put longer :) Hehehe... It was a test that even under hot running water, the eyeliner stayed put :)

  3. Been looking for a good gel liner, any affordable dupe for this one Ms.Sabs? Hehehe

    1. Hi Sweetie! Hmm... I used to use Fanny Serrano's gel eyeliner and it worked pretty well for me but I wouldn't same it would be a dupe of Bobbi Brown's :) FS gel eyeliner just dries up faster but that is easily fixed naman :)

  4. what a helpful post. I've been searching gel liner techniques when I saw this. :)

  5. This is mesmerizing! It's like you're smizing all the time :)

  6. Oh lord, wish i could do that myself i still struggle putting my liquid eye-liner on. Loved your blog btw, just followed you on GFC (947), would you mind to follow back?

    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

  7. that double lined look you did is super nice! a little bit more and it can be a black swan make up look ^^ btw sabs thanks for recommending the maybeline make up remover. bought it many days ago and it works good, very inexpensive pa :)

    1. Aww... You're very welcome! I'm glad that that makeup remover worked well for you! HUGS!! ♥

  8. Must be a really good eyeliner. I belive the one I have has dried out already becuase nothing goes onto my brush... I guess I will try to submerge it into hot water.
    I prefer your double winged look, it just looks better.

  9. galing nyo po mag eyeliner hehehe :D Ms.Sabs of maybelline or FS gel liner which will you choose? I wanted to try gel liner po kasi but I want the affordable lang po muna wag muna yung gantong brand heheh :D practice muna po ako di kasi ko magaling mag eyeliner.Lging di nag papantay. :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment ♥ Hmm... I think you should go with FS if you want lang muna for practice. I tried that one before but it dries up quickly... But baka naman they already improved their formula! You can also try ELF gel liner, I tried it too and it's good din! ♥


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