Eye Spy Mondays: Eye and Brow Cake Liner

Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Colour Collection has a lot of promising products and one would be the Colour Intense Eye and Brow Cake Liner. I love how multi-purpose it is! But I am going to focus on one of the uses this product has which is for the brows. That's because a lot of you beauty lovers out there are always in search of an affordable brow product!

Colour Collection Eye and Brow Cake Liner
If you are not familiar with Colour Collection's products, you need to know that their packaging is very class A. I love that it's not flimsy or cheap. They really look professional, sturdy, and they have fantastic products, specially their lippies!

This mini palette has 3 shades: A light, medium, and dark shade. All shades can be used wet or dry. Hence, the purpose of "cake" products.

I used the lightest shade with a damp angled brush. I love that the color is very sublte and not scary... You can layer it on and it's very easy to control. You don't have to be nervous about making a mistake because the product needs building up to get the intensity that you desire.

  • You need to layer it several times to get the color intensity that you need.
  • I was hoping for a more bouncy texture, but this is very dry.
  • You can use it wet or dry!
  • It comes with a mirror and a small brush. Very compact so it doesn't take too much space in your travel cosmetic case.
  • Not available everywhere. Sold from direct sellers only.
  • Very affordable!
  • It doesn't have that much pigment for a liner. So best to be used for the brows.
  • Stays put the whole day!
  • Packaging is top notch.
  • It doesn't cake! Some eyebrow cake products tend to cake up when mixed with water making it hard to blend.

Do you have a fave eyebrow product?

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  1. hi ms sabs good morning =)

    eto nga po ang malaking frustration ko =) since mas mataas left brow ko.. nahihirapan ako magdraw.. plus mas malabo pa kaliwang mata ko kesa sa kanan.. ive tried pencil brows pero hindi nakukuha yung effect na gusto ko.. until ms ro introduced me to k-palette lasting 2way brow in chocolate =) wish i could find cheaper version of this one =) may marecommend po ba kayo? =)

    1. K-Palette is pricey but it truly is one of the best brow products out there. Well, I personally use Fanny Serrano. I like Fanny Serrano's single brow shadows. They cost PhP 195 for 4g. Guaranteed to last you months and months! You can find my post here: CLICK HERE.

  2. What is the retail price? I want to have a brow kit too, the cheapest I find is Shawill (P130) but their color is too dark for me. I read good reviews about In2it but I find P299 still expensive. So now, I'm just using a "cheap" brow pencil for P35 only but works well for me, well at least in my opinion.. :) My brows are not pantay too..

    1. I am not sure about the price of this since it was given to me by Colour Collection, but I believe it would be in the price range between 200-300 but not more than that :) As I mentioned in my reply above, I love FS eyeshadows to be used as brow powder! Do check it out ♥ Thanks for dropping by!


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