Hair Care Week: DAY 1 Dyeing with Studio Fix

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

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Hey everyone! Welcome to HAIR CARE WEEK! For 7 days I will be talking all about hair. I haven't posted anything about hair in a while so I want to do a HAIR SPECIAL this week. Although some products were sent to me to review and not paid for, as always, my reviews are unbiased to give you a real view before loosening those purse strings!

I'll start with a post of me getting my hair colored (yet again) at Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell . I didn't take my digital camera with me nor did I tell them that I was a beauty blogger because I didn't want to stir anything up. I wanted to have the whole experience what everyone has been raving about as me, and not as a blogger or makeup artist... Kind of like an undercover beauty police (LOL). So excuse the slightly dull photos, they were taken with my Galaxy Note 2.

Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell at Level 4 Greenbelt 5
My first choice to have my hair colored was with master Alex himself, but he was not in at the salon yesterday so I opted for a senior stylist instead. Not knowing who I would be working with and not having done any research, I said yes. I am used to having my tresses dyed with Mike Bocaya at Bench Fix in Glorietta 4, but I wanted to try someone new.

Yesterday afternoon was the only time I was available because I had a whole in my schedule. I met Alex a few months back when my sister had her highlights done with him and I loved him instantly. He is warm and very professional.

As soon as I entered the salon, I was greeted by 2 friendly salon personnel. Very professional and warm. No fakers or snooty employees. The place was fairly empty since it was the middle of the day (around 3PM), but it took them 35 minutes to seat us in the styling area. Wasn't a very good start for me but anyway, it gave me time to take a little bit of photos.

Studio Fix Photo courtesy of
Studio Fix Photo courtesy of
When we were finally seated, I was informed that the senior stylist who would be doing my coloring would be Hermes (later learning that his last name was Mondido). He finally approached me after waiting for him for another 15 minutes. After we chatted about what I planned to do with my hair, and showing him these pegs of Emma Stone's copper red hair:

I was thrilled that he told me he knew exactly what he was going to do with my hair. Before I tell you further about my experience, let me give you a little background why I needed my hair to be exactly like the one in the photo. I have been dying my hair since college, and I have gone from heavily highlighted, blonde, ombred, and dyed with a DIY home dying kit at home. My hair is dead because of my last hair adventure which was the ombre stunt. Sad but true. I was told that I had to chop my hair off and grow it before I can dye it again. (Read about my OMBRE FAUX PAS here)

Many months later, my hair is finally ready to be dyed again. I got offers from different high-profile senior artists to sponsor my new venture to sport the red head, but I was impatient to have it done (as always), so I just took the leap from a hairstylist I have not heard of (no offense intended).

It took them another 30 minutes to get started with me. They washed and dried my hair (which took another 25 minutes), and they started applying hair dye on the midsection of my hair.  They used Schwarzkopf's Igora.

Hair Dye for the midsection of my hair
Yes, the tips of my hair still had traces of bleach and my roots were virgin so, you know what I mean. A regular trained salon hairstylist was the one who mixed and applied dye on my hair. His name was Javier. It took him 45 minutes to apply the dye and I was sort-of disappointed that Hermes was busy everywhere else except supervising the stylist with my hair (considering I was a first timer at their salon). I didn't expect him to apply the dye himself, but I wanted him to at least check on how things were going with me from time to time. Or at least do a little bit of small talk.

It took another 30 minutes for the dye to penetrate my hair, and that's when they applied dye on my roots, and then to my tips.

Dye for my roots

Another 20 minutes went by and I was ready to rinse it off. Unfortunately, the tips were still very light but my roots and the midsection of my hair were done so they had to wash my roots and the midsection without rinsing the tips (??), but in all fairness they were able to do it -it was a two-man job. I had to lie back there with my head hanging over the sink rested on my neck for 30 minutes. That was the hard part. The dying was not well calculated and I ended up with a very stiff neck after. It was horrible.

20 minutes in this position
I was antsy by the time they finished rinsing my hair which took another 10 minutes. By the time I was seated back down on my chair, my head was steaming (and a little light headed). I really believe that the service could have gone faster without the extra waiting around.

When my hair was dried, it wasn't the color I was hoping to get. I was expecting the color to be more vibrant and on the red side but it looked GOOD nonetheless.

  • I did (I do) like the hair color, but I was hoping for it to be more vibrant and [loud] since it took me a long time to grow my hair just to get it dyed again.
  • They could have handled my opinions and concerns a little bit better. I told Hermes that I was hoping for the color to be a bit more vibrant and on the red side but all he (and the rest of the staff) said that it was supposed to be like that and "ok na yan". It really put me on the spot specially with the place being packed by the time I was done. Staff and costumers were gawking.
  • The salon staff had heavy hands. They're not that gentle when blow-drying and shampooing. By the time my service was over, I had a stiff neck from constant pulling of my hair. They're very courteous but they need a little bit more training.
  • They should honor appointments. If you are set to start at 3PM, they should start at 3... Not 3:30, 3:45, or 4PM.
  • Very reasonable rates! I'm happy that I didn't have to pay a whole lot. I thought that this salon would be expensive. Not bad for having a full head dyed with my length for only PhP 2,600.
  • I love the environment of the salon. Very bright and lovely happy colors.
  • Staff are very friendly.
To be completely honest, I could have been more courteous myself by the time my service was over. I didn't raise hell or anything, but by the time they switched off that blow dryer, I walked out of the salon with a huff. I was a little bit embarrassed having everyone side with Hermes saying "ganyan talaga kasi pag white light" or "ok na yan". So I kept my mouth shut and just bowed out. I don't even think I expressed gratitude. For people from Studio Fix reading this, I apologize for that.

Yes, Hermes and the staff was very friendly and courteous. They weren't stuck up or anything like that. They were all very professional and soft spoken but I just felt that they could have done better. A little bit more sympathetic with my concerns, confident with their choices and more open to listen to feedback.

Contact Info:
+632 5013062
+632 501 3064
(M) +639275767698


What do you think of my new hair? Yay or Nay?

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  1. wow.. i love the hair color result! hahay namiss ko tuloy long hair ko.. nung nagpagupit ako ng shoulder length nagtampo ata =(

    1. Aww... Don't worry, just be patient and don't wait for it to grow... You know what they say... A watched pot never boils! ♥

    2. yes ms sabs.. i love your big curls!

  2. I love it that you were very honest in your review.
    Plus points for being thorough! :)

    I'm definitely going back to your blog! You hair looks wonderful btw :)


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! Thank you so much for reading! ♥

  3. I hate it when I present a really rich and nuanced hair color peg and they just give me the usual copper brown, purple-red or greyish black. I think that's what happened here as well :/ Glad you ended up liking it, though!

  4. it isn't that vibrant like Emma's but It's good nonetheless. =] It perfectly matched your curls! and It made your face look much more fresh! I wonder if this color would look good on me because I really love it ♥ Oh that's bad. I imagined what I could feel if I were told that way =(

    It's okay. They asid that if you washed your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner on the following days, madadagdagan pa daw yun kulay. i don't know. Thats what my friends said to me when I had my first hair color.

    1. Aww... Thank you! I wanted to go deeper sana but I guess I have to stop with this muna because my hair hates me already! Hahaha!

  5. Its a yay mis sabs... I do experiment with my hair too.. Diy lol...

  6. Nakakalungkot naman ang experience mo Ate Sab. Nako, if saken nangyari yon haha lagot na! It cost you 2,600. It's pricey na (for kuripot like me). But I think it went okay naman. Sometimes, nakaka disappoint talaga sa mga Salon.

  7. Ang Taray naman Ms.Sabs, si Emma ang fav.actress ko. Love your hair, I wish I could die my hair pink naman hahah.. Kaso d pde sa school. Okie naman ang color yun nga lang d na-achieve ganyan talaga sa salon kahit ako last time na nag pacolor ako nainis lang din ako. Yung expectation natin ndi talaga ganun nasusunod.

  8. Nice hair color! since my hair is so short (pixie), I color it myself every 3-4 months, luckily I don't have any allergic reaction using cheap coloring products. (I say P50). Anyway, would like to have it done professionally once I had the budget for it. :D

  9. Hi Sabs! In case you're on the hunt for a new dye job, I highly recommend Jun Bilalo of the newly opened Piandre in BGC! Service is impeccable and so are the results. He gave me a high contrast almost ash blonde ombre and it looked perfect. I'm sure he would be more than willing to help you achieve whatever result you'd like! You look great nonetheless. :-)

  10. Hi Sabs! In case you're on the hunt for a new stylist I highly recommend Jun Bilalo of the newly opened Piandre in BGC. Service is impeccable and he gave me an amazing ash blonde high contrast balyage 'do. I'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you achieve whatever result you'd like. You look great nonetheless! :-)


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