Hair Care Week: Day 4 Dressing Up With Bows

Friday, October 11, 2013

#haircareweek #tressviernes

I was never the girly girly type (ask anyone). But with these pretty little bows from Pinkbox, I may do a switcheroo. I have always loved Pinkbox's accessories, always looking for stuff to buy I know I won't be able to pull off because I was never the lace and pearls kinda gal... More like leathers and boas. Ha!

When I was growing up, I knew only 2 ways to wear accessories like these: half pony-tail, or full pony tail if you have really thin hair.

Made with silk/satin ribbons, these cute and yet very chic bow clips are sure to dress up your hair and complete your look whether it be formal or casual-chic.

Spring metal clips are my favorites because they really hold in place and keep your hair fuss/fuzz free! Now let me show you how I wear these bows.

By keeping the buns loose and kinda looking un-done, it looks very casual and chic. If your hair is too fixed and put together, it looks very stiff.

To create this look, you will need:

  • Hair pins.
  • A hair donut. Pinkbox also has hair donuts but I got mine from Claire's. This one is a medium.
  • Bow clips.
Use the donut bun as instructed and secure with bobby pins. Lightly spray your hair to keep your hair in place and to get rid of frizz. Position your bow on top, on the bottom, or on either side of your bun!


  • Clips are very well made.
  • Doesn't break easily.
  • Affordable.
  • Lots of designs to choose from.
  • Available almost everywhere!

Like Pinkbox Accessories on Facebook for more information on latest products and where to buy!

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  1. Love the bows that we got from Sample Room, Ms. Sabs & it was really nice to finally meet you. :)

  2. I always have this "kilig" feeling whenever I see cute ponytails or stuff on hair ate Sab. When I was a kid, I always save some coins from my "baon" just to buy myself a new ponytail or hair clips. Until now, I still adore hair accessories. Though sometimes, I can't wear it dahil I have super thick and unmanageable hair. Anyway, you rock the bun! Korean lang ang peg! I will surely buy that bun and bow clips next time!

  3. Aaah thnks for this post. Now my bows have use now. They have been in the cabinet for a long time. Haha I remember my addiction on headbands with pretty cute bows ♥

  4. Love the way you combined it! so pretty but yet chic!

  5. Such pretty bows!! ♥

    xx, Edda

  6. How I wish I can do a bun hair! :( my hair is too short.. me I love ribbon or hair accesories the bigger the colorful the better hahah.. :) Thanks for the post nainggit lang ako sa LONG HAIR mo Ms.Sabs heheh :D

  7. hihi i gonna re-do this =) with the goody product i got yesterday sa bdj event woot!

  8. super preety, im collecting bows for my daughter.
    thanks for the review.:)

  9. I like this look, I think the bow is a cute touch but not entirely too kiddie :P


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