Kenzo Flower in the Air

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


"Fragrance of an imaginary flower, fragrance of a fairylike woman." -Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer
If the Kenzo Poppy had a scent, the Flower/Flower in the Air would be it. Morillas drew out his inspiration from the hearts of women by observing them in the way one looks at the first rose of spring. By being around them, carefully watching and listening without saying a word, his small boy's intuition gradually became a certitude he wanted to proclaim to the world.
Kenzo EDP Flower in the Air
So the story of the poppy continues in this new fragrance. As per my previous post on the FLOWER WAVE, the story continues. In the heart of the city in a magical setting on the tip of Ile de la Cite, Shu Qi, fairy-like in a red dress, witnesses a miracle -thousands of poppies are freed from their stems and rise to the air, taking possession of the sky.

"To make the world more beautiful, let's flower the air, let's flower the sky."

Taiwanese Actress and Model, Shu Qi
A woman in red, flying flowers, a very real dream. Free as air, the poppy enchants Paris and the world.

  • Raspberry
  • Red Pepper
  • Magnolia, Rose, Gardenia
  • White Musk



  • I love the design of the bottle. It's nothing I have seen before.
  • I fell in love with the scent right away. It's just so me.
  • Very fruity, but not to sweet.
  • It's not as powdery as the first Flower fragrance, but I think this fragrance is more me.
  • Can be worn both during the day or at night.
  • I love that it's very feminine and girly!
  • I can spray a lot of this fragrance and it still won't be too over powering.
  • The fragrance doesn't linger the whole day so I have to spray 2-3 times a day.


Now because I love this perfume so much, I want to bring it with me so I can "refresh" my fragrance whenever I feel like it. But bringing the bottle is too bulky, so I bought small atomizers to transfer a few in them so they're easier to bring!

Plastic funnel from Amelie, PhP 19.75 / Glass atomizers from SM Cosmetics Dept, PhP 38.75each
 Most of the bottles do not open so I spray the bottle slowly so they trickle and not spray that it goes everywhere. It may take some time to fill up the atomizer but you'll eventually get there! LOL

I love that I can now take my fragrances with me even in the tiniest of clutches! I have about 20 perfumes and I bought 8 atomizers for now so that I can bring my top 8 and spray on the go!

This fragrance is perfect for Christmas! Boys, this fragrance is so versatile and whether she is a working mom, a stay at home mom, this fragrance will suit her well!

Kenzo Flower in the Air is available in 30ml (PhP 3,250), 50ml (PhP 4,900), and 100ml (PhP 6,550) in all Rustan's department stores nationwide.

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  1. I have this parfum is really beautiful! xo!

  2. I never heard this before, glad to try it because of its raspberry scent.I love it.:)

  3. Sabs, you should try Travalo atomizers for sealed perfume (available in Glamourbox). Sakit sa daliri niyang ginagawa mo. I know 'casue that's what I used to do, too. Promise, it's a lifesaver :)

    1. Oh yah I have seen those :) But they're very expensive like 250each, I need 20 pieces for all my fragrances! LOL but thanks for the suggestion :) I'm sure the Travalo atomizers are really good, but my method naman works for me real well, doesn't bother me :) HUGS!

  4. may ganito akong pabango kaso repleka lang.hehehe same lang yong scent nya sa original..tagal din mawala yong scent..super love it!

  5. daming travel bottles ms sabs =) there's a small store i saw in festival (before) and they're selling a perfume per ml (if i would love to try a scent instead of buying the full size i can buy a 2ml to 3ml, 40php/ml or 45php/ml depending on the perfume you're going to buy)

    1. I have seen those :) Galing that concept!

    2. pero sa ibang bansa pinamimigay lang nila yung 2ml - 3ml as freebies hihi


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