Liptalk Tuesdays: Line and Seal

Monday, October 21, 2013

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Styli-Style's Line and Seal pencils have been around but no one really talks about it -kind of like an un-sung hero. I have been buying these pencils for the past 2 years and I just love the shades and texture of it! Oh, and did I mention that it's long lasting?

Styli-Style Line and Seal Lip Liner, PhP 275 each
It has a very creamy consistency and it glides on easily on the lips that you do not have to tug on your skin. But it's not so creamy that the pencil crumbles easily.

Colors are lovely and bold even the fall/autumn shades. Two gorgeous shades that you can sport this fall: plums and burgundies! I smudged the lip liner with my finger and it hardly smudged at all. This lip liner is budge proof so you can use it as a base to make your lipstick last the whole day.

As you may already know about the trick to make your lipstick last longer: line your lips with a lipliner either with a shade that matches your lip perfectly or matches the lipstick shade you want to use.

Line your lips with the lip liner. Don't just line your lips and fill in with a lipstick because once the lipstick fades, you will be left with a funny looking line on your lips!

You can use it alone or top it off with your matching lipstick. If you use it alone, you can just top it off with your favorite lip gloss!

Collection Cosmetics Highlights Lipgloss in Star, PhP 349.00

Here is the effect when you apply a matching lipstick on your lined lips! I blotted and reapplied 3 times to ensure the lipstick does last the whole day, and it really did! Use a lip brush for a  more precise application.

Colour Collection Lipstick in Ibiza, PhP 330.00

  • Lots of great shades available.
  • Absolutely smudge proof!
  • Affordable!
  • Can be used as a lipstick base.
  • Long-lasting color! Can last hours even if you drink from a glass.
  • No annoying fragrance.
  • If your lips are dry, it would be difficult to apply.
  • It can be a little drying if you wear it matte.
  • It needs a sharpener so you need to carry around a sharpener too if you bring this with you.
  • If you are going to match with your lippies, you will need to buy a lot of these.


Styli-Style is available in all BeautyBar stores, and online at!

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  1. i dont have any lip liners on my kit.. i think this one would be great since its budget friendly =) thanks for sharing ms sabs!

    1. Yes, budget friendly indeed! Super nice pa the shades and texture!

  2. The shades look great! Affordable too

  3. you look so great with the oxblood color, what's lipstick did you use?..its nice in your skin e.:)

    1. I used Colour Collection's lipstick in Ibiza ♥


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