Paula's Choice Comes to Manila!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Paula Begoun
Paula Begoun is the founder and innovative force behind Paula's Choice Skin Care and Cosmetics. She has written 20 books, making it her mission to tell women which products really work. Having suffered with acne and eczema at such a young age, she tried every medicine she could get her hands on but didn't get better. She then started reading labels and found "acetone" in one of them. That's where her passion for skin care came from.
In truth, I have only read about Paula's Choice products online. I have never tried any of their products, so when I was invited to attend their launch, there was only one answer: Yes.

I listened intently as Paula's Choice's managing director Naree Mongkol told us background information about the brand, and the woman behind the brand, Paula Begoun.

Each bestseller was set out for us to try as Naree told us all about these products. Because of Paula's obsession with ingredient labels, she only uses ingredients that would really make one's skin look younger and radiant. Paula's Choice claims a 100% guarantee that their products work.

Paula's Choice products successfully treats everything from acne, to wrinkles, to rosacea, to blackheads. They also help balance whatever skin type you may have: Oil, Dry, Sensitive, Combination, and everything else in between.

Among all the products that were demo-ed to us, only one product impressed me. That is the Resist C15. I was hoping that it was the product that I was going to get. Ha! Guilty.

Here is why it expressed me so: Naree brought with her a 2-day old apple. It was fermented, black and icky looking. Now, if you look at the photo, both of these apples were brought fermented at the launch, and Naree slathered Resist C15 on the other apple (photographed on the left) and it miraculously cleared up and plumped up. This had no tricks, it was done in front of us and she even used the bottle proving that there was no other product in the bottle.

Imagine what this product would do to your skin after weeks or even months of use!

 Group shot! Here's everyone after a successful launch! For now, Paula's Choice products are available online only at Zalora or directly from their website:

Watch out for my review on Paula's Choice products to be posted soon!

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  1. Vitamin C is really good for the skin! But what's the price point, were you guys informed? :)

    1. Price range for Paula's Choice is from 700-1,300 :) Not bad for good skin care ♥

  2. i first saw this event post from rattus blog =) im amazed on that apple experiment!


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